Genius GE2000III setup on RH 6.1

Anyone had any experience getting the GE2000 series cards to work on their Linux PC?  I've got eth0 associated with the ne kernel driver, using port 0x280 and IRQ 9.  Everything seems great except that external hosts are totally unreachable.  My gateway etc. is set up as per my other Linux boxes on the same network, so the issue is surely with the card... Any help gratefully received!
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Several months ago, I bought a 56K modem (not in the box) from a small computer dealer who assured me that it was a "hardware modem" -- not a Win Modem.  It wouldn't work with Linux and so after determining the make and model, and that it was built by Genius, I sent an e-mail to Genius requesting assistance.  At that time, they responded that all their modems were Win Modems and beyond that, all their other products required Windows to operate.

I understand completely that you are asking about a NIC not a modem -- but their response to me was unequivocal -- so I must assume they also meant that their NIC cards are Windows only as well.

Perhaps this does not apply to your NIC -- maybe the person at Genius who answered me was wrong -- or maybe this is a new product -- and I have nothing but 3com, intel and dec tulip NIC's in my system, so I have no experience with their NIC's -- but I think a call or e-mail to Genius is in order.
lovelostAuthor Commented:
No, actually Genius have a page "explaining" how to set up a GE2000III, and I've followed their info (see  I know I don't have to rebuild my kernel since RedHat 6.1 has ne2000 support built in -- there's just something odd about the GE card.  If anyone has actually got this card up and running with Red Hat -- please let me know!  Thanks!
Have you verified your cable?  have you tried a different port in the hub?  Do you have a link light on the NIC?

Check your /var/log/messages file for error messages regarding the NIC.

Do you have the driver compiled in?  You may need to insert the driver module for the card... 'insmod ne2k-pci'

I'm assuming this is a PCI card--am I correct?

if you just needed to insert the module, then you can add this line to your /etc/conf.modules, and the module will be loaded automatically:
alias eth0 ne2k-pci

What is the output of the ifconfig command?

I've run a Genius 2000 III on Linux before.

Just use the ne2000 driver and it should auto-detect at boot-time.

That was with 2.0.36, if memory serves, but I imagine it's just as good on 2.2.X

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