Win 98 locks in new install safe mode

                      My system is new, just put together FIC 2013 w/2Mb Cache, AMD
                      K6-2 450 Mhz CPU, 64Mb PC100 Ram 7ns, Viper 770 32Mb TNT AGP
                      Video card, sound card, modem card, monitor.  I just finally got
                      Windows 98 to install on the 6.2Gig WD hard drive partitioned into 4
                      partitions in Fat 16.  I had problems installing Windows, so I do not
                      know if I hit the right combination of BIOS settings, or using FAT 16

                      Thanks to those that helped before.  I got Windows 98 installed
                      finally, and now I am trying to get it to load in safe mode.  I have
                      tried numerous combinations of these BIOS settings, but still have
                      not found the right one.  I also, have a few drivers that I need to
                      load from floppy disks like the IRQ miniport and VGA ones, but when I
                      run them it says "Bad Command" like they need to be run from
                      Windows or Windows DOS.  Any help with how to load these drivers
                      if I cant use the self installing floppies?  
                      Also, here are my BIOS settings maybe someone knows what the
                      magic combination is to get Windows to load in safe mode.  Currently
                      it starts to load in safe mode, and I can see the windows start
                      screen, and the it just stops.  If i hit ESC it goes back to the black
                      screen, whee I can see that it just finished completing testing
                      HIMEM, and then after that it stopped.  My jumpers are all set
                      correctly, and it recognizes the AMD K6-2 450Mhz Cpu, and I have
                      64Mb of PC100 7ns RAM installed, and the Motherboard has 2Mb
                      Cache on it.  
                      CMOS all set to auto, it recognizes the 6.2Gig WD hard drive as
                      UDMA 2, LBA
                      Boot Virus Detect Disabled
                      CPU Internal Cache Enabled
                      External Cache Disabled
                      Self Test Enabled
                      Gate A20 Fast
                      Video BIOS Shadow Disabled
                      Video BIOS Cacheable Enabled
                      System BIOS Cacheable Disabled
                      DRAM Page Mode Enabled
                      3T Write Mode Enabled
                      Write Cache Pipeline Disabled
                      DRAM Read Pipeline Enabled
                      Read around Write Disabled
                      Mem ECC Disabled
                      Bank Timing are all FAST
                      Cycle Length 3
                      Bank Interleave Disabled
                      SDRAM MD to HD pop +1T Enabled
                      SDRAM sustain 4T cycle Disabled
                      Aperature size 128M
                      Agp 2x mode Enabled
                      Spread Spectrum Enabled
                      Pnp OS Enabled
                      Auto resources Enabled
                      Cpu to PCI Write Buffer Enabled
                      PCI dynamic burstng Enabled
                      PCI master 0 WS Write Enabled
                      PCI delay transaction Enabled
                      PCI master Read prefetch Disabled
                      PCI#2 master 1 WS Write Enabled
                      PCI#2 master 1 WS Read Disabled
                      Display is set to AGP
                      IRQ for VGA Enabled
                      IDE HDD Block Enabled
                      OnChip primary PCI Enabled
                      OnChip secondary PCI Enabled
                      all IDE's are set to auto
                      USB Controller Enabled
                      USB keyboard set to Setup
                      Thats about all of them.  I have tried several combo's to no avail.  I
                      have not tried to lower my cpu or bus speeds yet with the jumpers, I
                      cant come to grips with the reality that doing that may work.  There
                      needs to be some BIOS settings.  My BIOS version is up to date as
                      So bottom line is do anyof you know any tricks to get windows to
                      load in safe mode.  Once I get it up, should I load the drivers from
                      my floppies, and then the CD's that came with the AGP TNT and
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Where does it get to when you boot the system?  Does it boot straight to DOS, nothing, what?

What happens if you boot the system and hit F8 continually during the boot process?  Do you get the Windows start up menu?  If so what happens when you choose safe mode?

More details please.....
darebrenAuthor Commented:
I can boot to the Windows startup menu...where I can select normal, safe mode, step by step etc...  If i select dafe mode, it will hang as described above.  I can visually see the windows logo, but it just seems to stop looking for data..all quiets down, and if I hit ESC, it takes me out of the logo screen and to the startup menu black screen where i can see that the HIMEM step just completed, and the the curser is blinking, but unresponsive
go to startup menu and select logged boot

then it will try to boot to normal mode I assume unsuccessfully

at that point, restart to startup menu and select safe mode command prompt only

at the c: type edit bootlog.txt

post the last three lines of that file here
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
aperature size twice your ram, what does your motherboard manual recommend for this setting relative to installed ram?  What about disabling all Video related cache including...Video BIOS Cacheable Enabled


Did you check the motherboard site to see if you have the most current and applicable BIOS update?  Not all updates are needed, but usually the web site posts the fixes for users to decide.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:

System Configuration Utility Advanced Troubleshooting Settings

The following may help ... the source of this is this link:


There is a compatibility issue with some PCI-based
display adapters. If you have a PCI-based computer
and your computer stops responding at any of the
following times:

- On the first startup after installing your PCI
  display adapter
- In safe mode Startup
- When your display is set to 640x480, 16 colors

replace the Vga.drv file by copying:

\Drivers\Display\Vga\Vga.drv to your Windows 98\System

If you are installing Windows 98 Second Edition
from a CD-ROM, copy Drivers\Display\OldVga\Vga.vxd to
your Windows 98\System folder. If you are installing
Windows 98 Second Edition from floppy disks, contact
Microsoft Technical Support to get this updated file.

Couple of shots in the dark.  The K6-2/450 chips can have a Core voltage of 2.2 or 2.4, apparetly due to differences in the manufacturing.  This is noted on top. Setting the wrong voltage has done some wierd things.  Also, setting the Gate A20 to Normal has helped on a couple of occasions.  No harm in trying this.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Richardwilkins' point is excellent.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Aperature size 128M

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I read that this size should be equal to RAM, no?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Start - run - msinfo32 - what are your IRQ assignments?  Was curious why VGA had an IRQ assignment.  Also are you using a USB keyboard?
darebren, you here?  any replies to any of these comments?
darebrenAuthor Commented:
I reset the apeture agp size to 32Mb I was told it should be half the size of my Ram.  I ended up getting Windows 98 to load sucessfully after doing that.  Thinking that I found the right BIOS settings, I decided to reformat and partition the hard drive and install Windows 98 Second Edition instead.  I got it to load to the disk okay, but now I am back at the same problem where the Windows logo screen stays on and the colored bar keeps flying across the bottom of the screen, but no sounds are coming from the computer as if it is not working, so I keep having to restart.  I will try the VXD fix above this evening.  My CPU is a 2.2 volt 450Mhz, and my jupers are set correctly for that.  I do not have a USB keyboard, but was told to enable USB devices with my motherboard and video card combination (????).  What woulb be helpful is if anone knew about the PCI read write dynamic bursting and prefetch BIOS settings too.  I wonder what those do.  

Disabling VIDEO and SYSTEM BIOS Cacheing has not been helpful.  I tried to startup with UDMA disabled too, that did not help.  Why would one set of BIOS configurations work great in Windows 98 one day, and later that same day not work in Windows 98 SE?  When windows was up and running i kept getting Windows protection faults witht he above BIOS settings so I changed sme of them to SYSTEM BIOS CACHEABLE ENABLED, WRITE CACHE PIPELINE ENABLED, SET RAM BANK TIMINGS TO TURBO, AND CYCLE LENGTH TO 2, AND APERTURE SIZE TO 32mB, all was working great, got to install all hardware and some software.  Then tried to start over and do Windows 98 SE, and right back to square one :(
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Re. the video issue; what about this posting earlier?

Wednesday, December 22 1999 - 10:52AM

Did you check your system/motherboard documentation about the default settings, or when in the BIOS does F1 Help advise you any on your remaining elements and default settings in your bios?  Mine has very different options.  The aperature size as you had it set originally at 128 looked incorrect, changing it as you did seems to have helped and then EXACTLY what did you do next?

Did you then... when Win98 was installing OK, change paths to Win98SE?  Or what was your process?

Have you tried just using the DEFAULT VGA settings for your video card and monitor during the setup process to bypass problem drivers?

darebrenAuthor Commented:
It turned out that if I set the jumpers to NON PC-100 Ram everything works great!  I think the ram i bought at a supersale may not be up to snuff, and i was trying to use bios setings to work around that.  
darebrenAuthor Commented:
selected you since you tried to help the most!
Good!  A lesson for us all.  PC100 RAM usually is clearly written on the chips, while 66 is not.  I'm looking for the new 133 RAM now for the P III chips/motherboards.  Thank goodness the earthquake problems are over.  Except that now the other Chinese will bomb the good guys.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thanks for stating the final outcome; which was not directly recommended by me.  Inasmuch as I was not instrumental in finding your solution, (despite the effort), perhaps Customer Service would be willing to return your points to you and remove the points and C grade from my record.  You could make the request with a Zero point question in the Customer Service Area; providing this Q and link.  It doesn't feel right for you to spend your hard-earned points on a comment which did not serve your needs.

Happy holidays and thank you, nonetheless.  I'm happy you've found the culprit and solution.

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