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Please what is a logical device?

I am not sure whether lpt1: , com1:, etc. in MSDOS are considered logical devices.  

Is there a common logical device name in UNIX that you could provide as an example?
1 Solution
Logical devices are names given to physical devices. Logical device names are different depending on the OS being used. In the case of MSDOS, lpt1 corresponds to the physical parallel port 1 on the PC.

Therefore, lpt1 is the logical device name MSDOS associates with parallel 1. Parallel, serial and other devices are actual hardware devices. The actual hardware device is independant from the OS. These devices are accessed through the use of logical device names. Logical names can be remapped or redirected to other logical names. MSDOS and Windows does this for network printers. /dev/lp1 is how some unix systems reference parallel port 1.

COM1 is how MSDOS and Windows references serial port 1. Unix uses /dev/tty1a or /dev/tty1A. Again depending on the OS these names can differ.

Hope this answers you question.


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