Burning audio tracks form HD to a cd-r,scratches only!!

I have a major problem when trying to burn audiotracks from HD to a cd-r,after extracting them to .wav files on the HD,and listening to them,all sounds fine,but after I have burned them to a cd-r,all I hear is a big scratch noise.Anybody who´s had this problem?And can help me solve the cause.I have a HP8100 IDE burner.It seems to me that there´s problems to convert .wavs to .cda,the burner is set as Primary Slave.Could it be the IDE flatcabel that is corrupt?Or maybe the IDE controller on the motherboard?Hope for help real soon,as my warranty on the CD Burner expires in a week!!So if it´s the burner that is the problem I need to return it
soon.I should mention that burning a data
cd-r seems to go without problems!

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I've had the same problem, but my cd made a scratch sound only on the left channel. I sent it back to the manufacturer, and they said that there was a faulty in the writer. So they fixed it within 3 days and now it works fine. So I think this is what you should do. Have you tried all the possible methods? and does your scratchy sound go on for the whole cd?

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I agree with boom23, you should probably exchange it.  However I was just wondering what program are you using to record the .wav files to your CD-R?
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?Commented:
Lets clear up a small misconception.

The files are stored as wav files on the Audio CD.  What you normally see are just cda files corresponding to the tracks.  With the right utility you can actually see the wav files on the Audio CD and pull them off using Explorer.

So what you are writing on your CDs are wav files not cdas.
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fahlisAuthor Commented:
well guys,I talked to HP support and they will come with a replacement burner for me 28/12,and then fetch my faulty one 29/12,at my doorstep!Now that´s what I call service!
Thanks for your opinions.
And for dbrunton,you mean that cdfs.vxd switching right?
And I really don´t know which of you should get the points(If anyone),decide for yourselfs!

dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?Commented:
Correct.  I presume that you have the cdfs.vxd that enables you to see wav files.

I'd say boom23 earned the points.
fahlisAuthor Commented:
As you suspect DBrunton,I do have the
cdfs.vxd file,wonderful,now if one could
only get this thing going in win2k also!
And Boom23,get your points!

Thanks all/Tony
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