Dreamweaver2 timeline and rollover problem

I have just figured out the Timline editor in Dreamweaver2 and I have applied move key frames to rollover images. My problem is, that when I do this, my rollovers don't work. How do I resolve this problem?
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maxman60Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can "draw Layer", then "isert rollover" into layer, then "add object" yo timeline.
It will work.
adamlemmoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
adamlemmoAuthor Commented:
I solved my own problem, in a desperate attempt to get resolution to it. But your help is reatly appreciated.  I deleted the rollover image from the layer, and just inserted it back in there, it refreshed the rollover behaviour. I think the java script creation  of dreamweaver needs to to do things in a particular order, otherwise the code doesn't work properly, this is a purely suface layer and naive "graphic artist" opinion, so treat it with as much comtempt as it deserves. But Dreamweaver 2 was purchased in order for me to NOT get my hands dirty, and it's a damn sight better than Frontpage.
Yes - but i have use DW in 2 years - and now i work in Homesite - more complex HTML control - not hands, but brain. Also we can use the Notepad :-)
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