Need for Documentation.

1.What is the value of 'i' variable after execution of the following program block compiled with "Turbo/Borland Pascal":

  for i := 1 to n do

2.Are "Global Variables" in "Turbo/Borland Pascal" initialized to zero at the beginning of a Pascal program execution.

Note: Please address official documents for both questions.
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(1):  for i:= 1 to n do  something

after this i = n
so n must = to a value

lets say n = 100 then
i = 100 after program execution
i is incremented from 1 to 100 which
n = 100...
you must substite a value for n

(2) sorry but not all the time.  

the pascal compiler's IDE executes programs in RAM which return different values in the global variables this is mainly done when you set 'compile' to memeory

the global variables have to be manually set to zero in the begining of the program.
mehranAuthor Commented:
Are these documented by Borland Co.(Inprise) or a standardization organization? If so, where can I find these documents?
mehranAuthor Commented:
VIBESPRO, I need documented answer.
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ok one moment
try out this site!
it will be useful to you

I have another site coming up as well
mehranAuthor Commented:
I am looking forward something like:

  look at page ... of Turbo Pascal 7.0's Reference book


  go to this URL: ... and there you'll find the answer.
The final value of the control variable isleft undefined upon normal exit from the statement.
pascal User Manual and Report, Seconbd Edition, User Manual §4.C.3

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mehranAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you, VIBESPRO and ozo.
I am not satisfied by these answers. But I give the points to ozo, because of his answer to one of my questions.
ok.  I hope you get the full answer later
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