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I want to setup Linux (red hat) as mail server and have windows client send and recieve the mail throught linux box?
Could somebody tell me some info about this topic?

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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Just install RH, and select everything related to POP / SMTP. Then just create the users on the linux. ANd use any pop/smtp client on windows (Outlook express / eudora / whatever)

Thats about it. If you need specifics on how to setup Sendmail, use linuxconf and look trough all the help texts in the mail section
How many users are you going to be supporing on this system.  Sendmail w/ qpopper is not very efficient in large amounts of users.  As the passwd file gets larger adding more users takes longer.  Qmail w/ vpopmail is more efficient as easier to maintain with a web based interface.  you can find info at
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
qmail is great to me eventhough I have no large amount of users.
But first of all, I have problem uncompress the qmail-1.03.tar.gz which was downloaded from www.qmail.ora. I am having error "qmail.." file is not in gz format.

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if you downloaded with netscape, it might change the suffix, check to see that it really was a tgz.. tar zxvf filename should work just fin in that case.
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
Now I am back to work on this mail gain.
What is my best choice for "delivery mode that are not ddelivered by .qmail file. .... to select the standard qmail Mailbox delivery do:
echo ./Mailbox >/var/qmail/control/defaultdelivery" ( this coments from life with qmail from David Sill).

What is this about? What should I get if I vi the defaultdelivery file?

What do you guys suggest as a domain on the linux qmail machine if it has a static ip(cable modem).  It will be recieving mail from my isp via smtp then forwarding it to local users on a masqueraded network.  Running MS OE, they will check the linux box via pop.  Can local e-mail users simply be addressed with their user name or is a domain required?  I've done a lot of reading, but there really seems to be a lack of info about qmail.  Any suggestions?
ylisupraAuthor Commented:
First of all, I have a dedicated ISDN line. Currently my ISP hosts my mail server.
Do you mean qmail is not a good solution?
If so, what is the best way to have windows client exchange email with outside od LAN through LINUX (linux run mail server)?
Actually, I have since been able to get qmail going.  Once I knew what to do, everything was a snap.  I've heard sendmail is very difficult to configure and less secure, so I didn't bother to try it.  Rather, I went with qmail because it's supposed to be faster, easier to configure, and more secure.  Really, it was very easy.  The speed doesn't apply to me because I've only got at most 100 users.  With the security, why not?  Although supposedly they are not supplied, I was able to get qmail rpms.  If you'd like, I'll send them over.  After installing them, I set up users(in the popusers group so they don't have a shell).  I used a script I found to give them all Maildirs in their home directories and things were ready to go.  I've got the isp delivering to the ip of my machine and things seem to be going well.  If you'd like to talk further, you could e-mail me at or UCQ #12679637.  HTH.
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