Do I need MSAccess installed?

I'm writing a VB5 app that reads/writes an MDB file (which will reside on a file server) from access 2k.  I'm also using an MDW file for security.  I never actually *run* access during execution of the VB app, I just use the stuf I've previously created using access (tables & queries).  Do I need to have access 2k installed on the workstations that will receive the VB app in order for the whole mess to work?
I realize any diagnostic opening of the file later would require access, but I would copy the MDB to a location that has access installed.....aside from that?

Thanks...and in case this is a really stupid question, Thanks a lot. ;-)

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mcriderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you don't need access installed.  When you package your program, the JET DLLs will be included with your package.

No, you don't need to install the Access development environment to open and use the database from a VB application.  Everything that you need should come from your VB installation.  

Access and VB share a number of "Jet" DLLs, which you will have to distribute with your application, but the VB install wizard will help identify them.

As a developer, your life will be made a lot more simple if you do have Access, but it's not required.

BobMinerAuthor Commented:
Mcrider & Mdougan,
Thanks yet again...thats a huge relief.  I thought it might be that way cause thats how it was on a previous project about 4 years ago....I was afraid things had changed.

Thanks for the points! Glad I could help!

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