Databse Connection using JSP.

How can I connect to Database using JSP?
Where will I put the JSP files?How will I create Bean component to connect to database?
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vladi21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
JavaServer Pages at Sun Microsystems

Introduction to JavaServer Pages

The Resource Directory

JSP FAQ by Richard Vowles

Examples from Java Servlet Programming

Professional Java Server Programming: Code Examples

server-side Java to existing Web servers, including Microsoft's IIS, Netscape's Enterprise Server, Apache, and more.

How Do I Create a JavaBean?
Writing JavaBean Property Editors

Database reference.......

                Silicaon Valley Java SIG JDBC Talk Page

                Java how-to DB section

                articles from Oracle:

                JDBC 2.0 New Features


                MS bridge


                Books online
                Java Database Programming with JDBC
                Java 1.2 Unleashed : Connecting to Databases with the java.sql Package

                and some useful DB stuff:

                WebLogic JDBC (30 day trial)



                Multilingual Databases and Global Internet Integration

vxlbagAuthor Commented:
If I get the code on how to do it will be helpful
Don't be frightened of the long book list. to access database with JSP, you need to know 2 things:
1. who to write JSP, and how to use Java object(Bean) in jsp file.(i guess you already know that?)

2. in the java bean object, use JDBC to access a database. shaveri's first serveal bookmark are enough.

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