VoIP Routing Problem

Hi all !

Here is my present setting : I'm running a VoIP Gateway thru an internet line, using a 64 kbps VSAT link. The gateway is connected to the network provider (GRIC Communications), hence we get the routing table set and loaded up by them.

There is a problem, though, when a call is placed, for example, to Australia, the packets are then transmitted to the GRIC hub in the US, through 16 hops - with quite a lot of packet loss and a large number of latency.

What I would like to know is, if there is another GRIC hub in Singapore (I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia), London and other places, if I want to make a phone call to for example, China, do the packets have to go through the hub in the US first then thru to China OR the packets can be routed to the hub in Singapore then to China ?
Which is better ?

Anyone know any solution to this problem ? Maybe by re-routing the ways ? I know that less hops means better connections, but how can I reduce the number of hops without having to use a dedicated E1 ? (it's too expensive)

Thanks very much !


Monda G
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You do not provide enough information. If you are on a dial up type account you have no rerouting recourse. However, if you own your own classfull IP subnet, you may be able to get better routing my asking you ISP to advertise your routes on a far east POP. I have a feeling that your link may terminate in the US. Let me know some more of the specifics and I can give you a better idea.

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