How to activate screen saver under NW5?

How to activate screen saver under NetWare4.1 and NetWare5?
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for Netware 5:

Use to lock the server console and to activate a screen saver for the console display.
Note: The screen saver and the console-locking features were formerly part of MONITOR. Separating them from monitor.nlm allows the new utility to protect the console by using the stronger security of NDS authentication.
 SCRSAVER [ option][; option][; option] [...]
When SCRSAVER is loaded, you can use any of the following command options as console commands.

            Command options      Use to

            (no parameters)      Default to SCRSAVER AUTO CLEAR DELAY=60;

            ACTIVATE      Override the delay interval and activate the screen saver
                  immediately.ACTIVATE also overrides both DISABLE and
                  ENABLE modes. This means that if you enter ACTIVATE
                  when the screen saver has been disabled, the DISABLE mode is
                  changed to ENABLE so that the screen saver can appear.

            AUTO CLEAR DELAY      Set the number of seconds to wait before clearing the unlock
                  dialog box. The range is 1 to 300 and the default is 60, or one

            DELAY      Set the number of seconds to wait before activating the screen
                  saver. The range is 1 to 7000 and the default is 600, or 10

            DISABLE      Disable the screen saver, thereby preventing it from activating
                  and saving the console display.

            DISABLE AUTO CLEAR      Disable the automatic clearing of the unlock dialog box. When
                  this command is executed, the unlock dialog box remains on the
                  screen until it is cleared by user input.

            DISABLE LOCK      Disable the console lock. When the locking feature is disabled,
                  you can retrieve the console display without a username or
                  password simply by pressing any key.

            ENABLE      Enable the screen saver. When enabled, the screen saver
                  displays after the keyboard has been inactive for the number of
                  seconds specified in the DELAY command option.

            ENABLE AUTO CLEAR      Enable the automatic clearing of the unlock dialog box after the
                  number of seconds of keyboard inactivity specified in the
                  AUTO CLEAR DELAY command option

            ENABLE LOCK      Enable the console locking feature. When enabled, the screen
                  saver requires the username and password before restoring the
                  console display. The user object must have appropriate rights

            HELP      Display information about command options and their use.

            NO PASSWORD      Unlock the console without requiring a password in the event
                  that NDS becomes unavailable.You must set this option when
                  you load SCRSAVER. Otherwise, the console cannot be
                  unlocked when NDS is unavailable.

            STATUS      Display the current status of screen saver features and command

When the screen saver is displayed, a snake-like figure---one for each online processor---appears on the blank console screen. The snake for processor 0 is red and the snake for processor 1, blue, etc. The snakes move randomly on the screen, and as processor utilization increases, the snakes move faster and their tails lengthen.
When scrsaver.nlm is loaded, the server console can be in one of three states.
l      Active. The console is active---you can enter console commands and monitor server activity.
l      Screen Saver. The console can be locked or unlocked.
      If the console is not locked, the screen saver appears by default after 10 minutes of inactivity. To retrieve the console display, press any key.
      If the console is locked, the screen saver appears by default after one minute of inactivity. To retrieve the console display, the console must first be unlocked.
l      Verifying. SCRSAVER verifies rights to the console through NDS authentication.
      To unlock the console, you must supply an NDS username and password. SCRSAVER verifies that the user object has write rights to the ACL attribute of this particular server.
The chance of NDS becoming unavailable is very slim, but you can load SCRSAVER with the NO PASSWORD option to ensure that you can (if necessary) unlock the console without a password. (Of course, a password would still be required when NDS was available.)
For example, you might decide to run DSREPAIR in manual mode. In such a case, the NDS database would be locked until there was manual intervention. If SCRSAVER were also active and locked the console on schedule, you would have a deadlock situation---unlocking the console would be dependent on NDS authentication---and making NDS available for authentication would be dependent on unlocking the console.
If you first load SCRSAVER with NO PASSWORD, you avoid having to power off the machine or break into the debugger to exit NetWare.. To ensure that SCRSAVER is loaded when the server is started, you can use place SCRSAVER in the autoexec.ncf file.


The screen saver is included in Monitor.NLM. The "Snake" will appear after 1 minute if the console is locked(lock console avail. in monitor or per "Load monitor L" option) and after 10 minutes if not locked.


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