Why does Linux hang half way through copying CD-Rom files?

I have finally installed Linux-Mandrake Complete OS 6.5. Included on CD-ROM is 5 electronic books to teach about Linux. I can mount and open CD-ROM folder and see files OK. I try copying them from CD-ROM into my user directory which starts OK, but half way through it stops and Linux Hangs. I am logged in as root. I have to switch the computer off a start again, but same problem always exists.

Second problem is I can dial up ISP and remain connected via my phone line and modem, but when I start Netscape Nav. or KFM to browse internet, an error message of 'Cannot find address' is returned. How do you configure browser to access internet via the connection?

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tknayakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am answering to second question
u have to have entry in /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver ip of nameserver

U can enter ur isp's nameserver's ip or u can try with
At first question:
Please check your cd-rom disc.
When I use a bad cdrom disc,I have same problem like you.
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