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I would like to distribute a class for others to use, but not distribute the code. How is this achieved? I think that I will either have to distribute a DLL with automation enabled, or distribute a header file and associated lib file, but I've tried both methods and can't manage to use the class in another project.
I don't think that I should be using the MFC ActiveX control wizard, as the class does not have a view or display anything.

Can anybody tell me the steps that I should follow to do this?

thanks in advance.
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arikkaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
COM solution :
-Use COM DLL server;
-Use ATL wizard to building COM server;
-Do not use MFC;

C++ solution:
As to distribute a header file and associated lib file - header file consists not only the interface, it has
also and implementation (data stuff,
inline method...)

This is one of the great problem COM

Examples of building COM servers :

MSDN and Visual Studio (samples) 
mark_sAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention I'm using MSVC++ 6
1. Use COM DLL server;
2. Use ATL wizard to building COM
3. Do not use MFC;

Examples :
MSDN and Visual Studio

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