Natscape SmartUpdate plug-in install

it seems that same netscape browser can be open with diferent parameters when

1. Opening Netscape Browser by Double click on html file asosiate with Netscape application

2. Opening Netscape Browser by Double click on the Netscape.exe applicaion

when installing PlugIn as described in the first case we cannot see the Installed Plug-in* when opening the Browser in the second case we can.

what can cause the plug-in not to be seen or be recognised by the browser and what might be the reason for the diference between those two cases?

tnx in advance

* Note: to see the install plug-in open the Edit menu in the Netscape Browser and go to preferences->adnanced->smartUpdate.
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drorbdAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Just a guess, but in the first instance, you're actually not invoking netscape other than to use it as a viewer for an HTML format.  In the second instance, where you are directly addressing netscape via the exe; the full application and paths are loaded.

drorbdAuthor Commented:
How can I cause the Browser to recognize the plug-in installation in all the different ways of opening a Netscape browser.
In your installation script (js file) when you start to install the jar with the SmartUpdate function "StartInstall",  don't start with the plugin key in the registry.
For example:
Instead of writing su.StartInstall("Plugins/GEO/GEOVmailPlugin/", vi,                     netscape.softupdate.SoftwareUpdate.FULL_INSTALL);
you should write:
su.StartInstall("/GEO/GEOVmailPlugin/", vi,                     


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