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I have a homepage page on  I want the entire page to be centered.  I do not want to have a scroll left or right bar at the bottom.  How do i center my entire page so it is easy to view, including my pics . I would only like to have a scroll up or down bar on the side. Currently it looks awful displeasing to the eye.  I wrote the HTML text in fortune cities advanced home builder.
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roni411Author Commented:
Thank you for your help.  RONI
To place all your page components
in there place you will have to use
<table> it's very easy to use and
really do the best job .
in the left columne , if you want her
to be empty , write <td width=20>
or put empty picture .

<table>    <!--open tag for table-->
  <tr>       <!--open tag for row-->
    <td>    <!--open tag for columne-->
         here you put the components
    <td>     <!--second columne-->
  <tr>      <!--second row-->

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just give the table width=100%;instead of giving it to some pixels.
due to whih u may get the scroll bar at bottom.
ie if the pixels in the table width are more than the resolution of ur screen u may get he scroll bar.
so to get out of the proble asign the table width in the main table to 100%;
would not it just be easier to use the center in your body tag? I am just wondering and putting out ideas.
You can send me an e-Mail at
if you want to center something all you simply need to do is add the tag
.....add that before your text
and after your text add
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