Where is Micorsoft Fax in Win98 ?

In windows 95 we can install micorsoftFax from Add/Remove Program, but there is no such thing in Windows 98. How can I send fax using microsoft Word. The microsoftFax is disabled in the send Fax option. How to install miocorsoft fax, and where will I find the sent faxes, as there is no Exchange either.
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BoondockerConnect With a Mentor Commented:

here are the instructions to load MS Fax off the win98 cd.  Once it is loaded you can chose 'print' while in MS Word and change the printer to MS Fax

1.Insert the Windows 98 CD into the CD-ROM
     drive. It will autoplay. At the Windows 98
     CD-ROM dialog box, click Browse this CD.

   2.In the Windows 98 (D:) window, double-click
     the Tools folder.

   3.In the Tools window, double-click the
     Oldwin95 folder.

   4.In the Oldwin95 window, double-click the
     message folder.

   5.At the Message window, double-click the Us

   6.At the Us window, double-click the Awfax
     icon to begin the installation.

   7.In the Windows Messaging dialog box, click
     Yes, and the files are copied.

   8.At the Windows Messaging dialog box, click

Note: MS Messaging defaults to Never Answer. This
option needs to be changed so that when a fax is
being sent, MS Fax will automatically answer. If you
want MS Fax to automatically answer the phone, MS
Exchange needs to be changed from Never pick up
to Pick up after X rings.

Hope this cures your problem.

just a comment:

MSFax is a nightmare inside of Win98.  Even Microsoft says that it is not recommended which is why you have to dig through the CD to install it.

If what you want is a good peice of fax software/freeware

goto www.tucows.com and search for call center.

I have recommended this to many people who all like me a little bit more now.

1cell is right about Microsoft Fax not working right under Win98. When I first installed it under Win98 I tested it and it worked just fine, but the first time I needed it to send a fax, it wouldn't work, everything came up like it was supposed to and it looked like it was going to send it but after a few minutes it just quit just like it had sent the fax. but it hadn't sent anything, of course I was in a hurry and tried several times with no luck.
The next time I had some time to check it out then it worked just fine, I don't know what the problem is but I know I don't keep programs that only work part time.
    And if you don't mind spending $20 for it, MightyFax from http://www.rks-software.com works real good for me.
There are, indeed, reasons why Microsoft will not support MSfax on Win98. Install the Win95 version and you are on your own, though it does give minimum functionality. If you need to fax but rarely, this is OK. If you have to rely on faxes, in and out, do indeed get yourself something decent.
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