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Ther is this game i love:

Baldur's Gate and its expantion pack, Tales of The Sword Coast.
I was told i could play it under linux, but he said he forgot how and where he read the instructions.
Anyone have any Idea?
1 Solution
You can try to play these games under Linux, but I dont think you would have much success.  As far as I know their is not a Linux version available of the game at this point.  The only way to try it would to be run it under a Windows Emulator.  Wine is one that I know of, but it would not (to my knowledge) be able to run this game.  Wine can run dos/windows programs, but it is limited up to win 3.1 I do believe.  There are other commerical programs available to run Win programs under linux and you may find one that can run Win 95 games.  Sorry but it is somewhat plausible that it may work.  The easiest way to do it right now (that is if you have 2 hard drives) is to do a dual boot on your system.  I hate the windows OS as much as the next, but to play all the cool games, I need to do it. (Cant wait for Diablo 2)

Update your info, pal. Wine supports Win32 already (95, NT, 98). But I really wouldn't recommend using it for games. If you're looking for good Linux games, do yourself and every Linux user a favor and help supporting the great games that are coming out, such as Quake 1, 2, 3, Heretic 2, Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 (www.mightandmagic.com) and of course, my favourite entertainment source is XMAME (the Multi Arcade Emulator) that can be found in http://xmame.retrogames.com Once you've got it installed, you can found all of those "beauties" at http://www.emux.com/


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