Suspending a computer

I recently had to use my recovery CD.  When things came back I had no suspend computer "icon" on the start button.  How can I get my computer to do this?  I know this is a really dumb question but I know almost nothing about them.
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Hi Flats,

Go to start/settings/Control panel
Open "POWER" properties, Tab Power, click Advanced button, Tab Advanced, Check box 'Show suspend command on Start Menu'

This is for Win95, but is almost identical for Win95.

Hope this helps,


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flats122399Author Commented:
Worked!!!  Thanks.  Now another question from a idiot at computers.  Ours is a Sony with something called Vaio on it.  Everytime I have to reboot the computer this comes up and I hate it.  Anyway to make it from appearing when I have to reboot.  Suspending will help not to bring it up but if I have to reboot it will appear.  It takes twice as long to bring up the computer with this and I end up closing it anyway.
Hi Flats,

First possibility: this utility is stored in the start-up folder.

To remove it:

In the Windows Explorer go to c:\windows\Start Menu\programs\StartUp, if you find the "VAIO" tool, delete it there. This folder contains the programs/utilities which are automatically loaded at start-up/boot.

Second possibility: You will have to find some task manager/planner for VAIO in which is defined that it should be runned at start-up. If it is in the right-bootom task list (next to watch, right-click on the icon, and look for Properties/Settings/... and select it, look for a start-up run definition or something alike.

Unfortunately, I don't know this utility, sio I can't go into more details.

Good Luck, Calacuccia
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