98 start up problems

After installing 98 it now keeps asking for the boot disk. why? I am about to throw 98 in the trash. Any help would be great.
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CC, when you prepared the hard drive to run Windows 98, did you fdisk the drive and setup the partitions? Did you format the partition on the drive and transfer the system files?

Give me more info on how this PC was setup.
If you have a boot manager and made win 98 fat 32 it probably won't work. At least it didn't for me. I had to abandon the boot manager an boot direct to win 98.
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It sounds like you do not have the system files installed on the hard drive where you installed Win98. Boot to the Win98 Floppy that came with the CD. At the DOS prompt after booting type:

SYS c:

this will copy the system files needed for booting to the hard drive. Then you should be able to boot directly to the Hard Drive.

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creepingcrudAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your wisdom but I just used PQmagic and re installed the OS 3 times until it finally worked.
If that's the case CC, then why did you accept pcveto's answer?
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