Add a network card!!

I'm using Redhat 6.0, how can I detect and setup a new network card?

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borg1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the netconf program to setup a network card and config a network.
Setup the network card in the basic host information setings box it has tabs eth0 eth2 eth3 configure the card as eth0 if it is the first network card. choos the  right card in the kernel modules menu.
if you do not know what card it is most 16bit isa network cards are ne2000 compatable so you can try the ne2000 (ne)
if it is a pci then ne2000 pci (ne2k-pci)
then enter the ip address and subnet mask and host name and it shoud work .

type netconf in a xterm  to start
The keyfile is /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1. Just yank and paste the info from your old card and change to suit the needs of the second card.
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