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To build an expert team for an industrial Linux kernel

I need a professional VERY REDUCED distro of Linux, like Debian in term of reliability, but for military, field, automation, server/switcher systems/VPN but more responsive to new versions and not involved at all in XWindow. I want to build such a distro and build a business on top of it. I look for technical partners.

My target is 10 systems networks and wider. I have built and field validated for one year a WinNT tool to manage such Virtual Linux Box(es) remotely.

But I am not competent in Linux (short of time): I was just a user with a need and now a solution maker with a large market potential. In such a project the money return would come from :

-  documentation
-  catalog of prepared tools releases (Apache with maybe adapted modules), simplified SendMail, industrial card support, etc...
-  hardware system sales : I want a lab to give ISO9001 label to a catalog of retained and tested components with their (large) manufacturers (people form such vendors or having friends there are welcome) with a e-shop selling them for convenience
-  most of all, from developments of VPN applications using that basic virtual machinen the co-developpers of the system, their forte, their CV and their arcticles being on-line.
-  an agreement with a test lab or several test lab
-  cross agreements between manufacturers, the e-shop and UPS, Fedex and the like for the components to replace or install to be on any site through the world in less than 24 hours.

I do not know if I am clear enough. I will give an example : when you load an average RedHat distro you get 18.000 directories and 65.000 files in an unstabilized and still complex directory organisation. Before commiting the Shuttle, a train, human life, or a business to it an IT manager has to spend time understanding. I want to reduce this to maybe 20 stable directories and to 300 files plus an FTP access to download what is necessary for that basic virtual machine to become the automated system specific to an application. So the bugs are centrally/locally generated and corrected and not to be reduced on 1000th of sites round the world.  

I want anyone anywhere in the world to be able to load a CD into a pluged PC, power it and respond a few question about the IP address, etc... and a central control to take over, or a second CD to be fed into the PC, to load the "hostware" and the files of the application or of the updates.

With a simple, step by step manual (html) book to explain the local guy what to do.

This project is named Sioux. It currently manages 20.000 vhosts on four linux machines of different involvement and treated as a VPN, and incidently 250.000 html pages.

I look for a few Linux hackers understanding the need and the potential of this project and ready to invest their time in it against the reward of becoming its systems guru's and to sell themselves to develop wide applications and VPN based upoin this concept.

I do not think the workload to be important but the thinking may be complex as this may lead to change in habits to reach the simplest and the most secure. Not easy. Chances are that we will also be copied by other distros enlarging the market for the few tools that may be necessary to be developped and sell.

I quoted the question high rate to attract the bests. But this is not realy a question.

P.S. Last but not the least: this is not an anti-linuxconf approach, but a no-linuxconf one. There should not be anything dynamic on the remote machines so their status is known at any time. But linuxconf may be a precious tool to configure the master machine and emulate problems. This remark because people who do not realize yet the time and errors a 1000 machines VPN (for running the add screens in a city, to control the Electrical Power Supply in your quarter, manage stand-alone weather stations through the world, check the level of a river, or load balance 20 machines as portal front end) may represent just to change one element using linuxconf screen.
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I would be interested in helping you ...
Look at openbsd--it's a long way towards what you want, and unlike Linux, it is extremely stable and secure.  The new 2.6 release seems quite good.
If it's a paying job, I would like to join, and I know where I can get you another person. Post here what you have open.
i would _love_ in too, especially if it includes relocation ;-)...

I am, alas, in Israel...

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