How to print escape sequences in a printer?

Hi all,
   I'am basically trying to to print some escape sequences along with certain characters to invoke a certain type of printing in printers. Let me explain the problem in brief. I have a dot matrix printer which when sent with certain escape sequences it will print in a certain language. I tried giving the print sequence by booting in dos, typing in a editor, echo sequences etc but it didn't work.

Please help me out on how to go about printing the escape sequences..

Thanks in advance,

Jagan R
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My name is MudConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
No no no... you're all wrong, first, you have to check if you have permission, check that your license plates are the correct one, the fill out a form, send the original with 4 copies, and beep the manager, then you'll need to check behind the big boss for the secret treasure, after that, you need a secret password to reinstall windows, and that's it...

Now give me the points...
What program are you using? There should be a way within your program to send hex codes. If I remember correctly hex 27 is esc. So you send hex27 followed by the second char of the sequence.
rjaganAuthor Commented:
  Thanks a lot for your answer. I got it..

¿Was Joed the right answer?  If not, ¿what's the problem you have?
ESC is X1B, or decimal 27, not X27.
I agree with viiking, I'd like to know what the answer was.

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