I need help in two questions:

1. How application can configure or preview screensaver?

2. Why ON_WM_SETTINGCHANGE() message handler can not respond to changing the system settings, concerning screensavers. On other cases it works...

I use MSVC++ 6.0 & MFC...

Beforehand thanked, Sergeyka.
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1. INFO: Screen Saver Command Line Arguments

2. The system sends the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message to all top-level windows when the SystemParametersInfo function changes a system-wide setting. The system sends this message only if the SystemParametersInfo caller specifies the SPIF_SENDCHANGE flag. A screen saver does not use SystemParametersInfo to change its settings. It is up to the screen saver how to save its settings.

You might want to take a look at my article at CodeGuru.

A Complete Screen Saver Framework Using MFC

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SergeykaAuthor Commented:
Thank you chensu.

Beside me revision on the second point:
I had in mind not adjustment concrete screensaver, but adjustment screensaver in general, timeout, for instance.

If I can set or get a system parameter using function SystemParametersInfo(), why I can not learn of change of these system parameters, concerning only screensaver?

Or how can I detect/catch system parameters changes, concerning screen saver
The system sends the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message only if the SystemParametersInfo caller specifies the SPIF_SENDCHANGE flag. You may use Spy++ with a top-level window to see if the message is sent.
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