Problems getting Solaris to correctly recognize a 9GB external HD

After installing Solaris 7 (2.7) on an
E3000 and on a Sparc 4 that previously had Solaris 2.5.1, I resliced an external 9GB Sun Unipack Hard Drive that was connected to the internal SCSI bus on the E3000. The E3000 has two internal 4GB HD. The external 9GB HD has device ID# 3 (c0t3d0).
After labeling the disk and saving the partition information with the values reported by Solaris, I can create filesystems and mount them.
However, after a reboot, Solaris reports
a corrupt label - bad magic number for this external HD.
I checked the disk and found out that it's a:
Model M2949ESP ID:J
P/N CA01407-B792

Data Cyl = 5038
Alt Cyl = 2
Physical Cyl = 5040
Sectors = 196
Heads = 18
RPM = 7200

I got these specs. on the disk from a contact. After using the format command again, I selected "Other" disk type and proceeded to type in the values for this
Fujitsu HD. When I tried to label the disk though, the procedure failed.
After a reboot, solaris reports
corupt label, bad geometry
Label says 17777592 blocks, Drive says 17689267 blocks.
configured with capacity of 8.43 GB
What is strange is that I have connected this same type of disk to other sun machines running 2.5.1 and even though I only labeled and not saved the partition information to the disk, Solaris did not complain about this external HD, nor did I get an message in the console about a corrupt label.

I would appreciate any help on resolving this problem. Perhaps there is a known problem in solaris 2.7 with regards to this type of disk.

Perhaps it's because it's a FUJITSU disk.


Denmark W.
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Did you 'label' the disk again _after_ you entered the
slice info?
Solaris often complains about non-Sun disks.  We have been running our Suns with non-Sun disks, and getting these "error" messages for a long time with no ill effect (except for the nagging messages.)
dweatherbAuthor Commented:
Yes, I label everytime.
Actually, it would be nice if the problem was just a nagging message.
However, the only cooked filesystem on the disk gets corrupted everytime.
Also Informix, can't find the raw device
used for it's root dbspace at it's startup.
If I label the disk again after retrieving a saved partition table,
Informix can be initialized again.

Any other ideas?

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See Patch: 107028-01

We have the same problem.

There is a drive firmware patch for some Fujitsu drives that addresses this problem.

We found that our drives worked fine after applying the patch.

If you have Sun Service, they generally will exchange these drives.
dweatherbAuthor Commented:
Thanks BigRon,

I didn't mean to reject.
I just wanted to know if you found this patch at Sun's site or Fujitsu's site.
Do you still have it?
Perhaps you can attach it to an email
for me. We are considering returning the
disks, but that will impact some plans that we have. I'd like to try your suggestion first.


Denmark W.
I sent it.  Let me know if you get it.  Our E-mail ain't the best.

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dweatherbAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I found it and downloaded it.
The model# of the Fujitsu disk that we have is M2949ESP.
It appears that this patch only applies to certain Fujitsu disks:

Do you think it will apply for our disk?
How can I check if a patch exist for this disk?


Denmark W.
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