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I have a road map on a Web page that can be accessed from many other Web pages.  I presently have a note under the map asking the user to use his browser's back button to return.  I would like to have the  HTML and JAVA code necessary to have a button that would send the user back to whatever page he came from.... just like the browser "back" button does.  This should work in most browsers.

Thnaks and Merry Christmas!
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This might help:

<input type="button" value="back" onClick="history.back()">

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Go Back" NAME="cmdBack">

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Go Forward" NAME="cmdForward">

Sub cmdBack_onclick()
End Sub

Sub cmdForward_onclick()
End Sub

Sorry, only know code for VBScript, won't work for Netscape.
boycey is right, you could also use history.go(-1);

oh and Fei, this is not what beachnet asked for is it..but ok, it's almost the same...

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beachnetAuthor Commented:
The <form> solution seems to work quite well in both Netscape and IE.  However when running the <form> command through a validator the following warning occurs:

The tag "form" has no attributes. You should probably use
attributes with this tag.

Do you know what attributes this is referring to?

Another question . . . Is there any way to use a gif image for this button and still get the same results?


u can try this to do the gif back:

<a href="javascript:history.back()"><src="aaa.gif"></a>
There are many ways of doing it

 in the event onclick of that particular button -

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beachnetAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your excellent help
I dont know. I give the true answer and someone else gets points.

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