Switch between languages at run-time?

I’m working on a project that is supposed to work on different markets. I’m using the Unicode programming and stuff like that. As usual I have some questions!
I was able to create some tools that can help me to edit separate Unicode resource files and create extra string tables that can store international text strings. Now I want to know if is there any way I can display my user interface using a particular string table that’ll be determined at run-time based only on the locals settings on the machine where the app is running. I want to know what are the steps that must be followed to construct such an application and what are the settings that has to be done on my Visual C++ 6.0 IDE.
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Hi Mensana !!!
     Use AfxSetResourceHandle() for localisation and AfxGetResourceHandle()
See the LANGLOAD.ZIP sample at http://www.nwlink.com/~mikeblas/samples/ .  (Note: some day, all of my samples will move to http://www.mooseboy.com/ )

..B ekiM

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MensanaAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike,
Thank you for answering my question. Unlike your sample, I didn’t want to switch programmatically to a different locale within my program, but I wanted to be able to display a particular set of strings just by changing the locale for my machine. I knew that when a thread is created, it uses the system default thread locale so I’ve changed the locale before I started the app. However, I didn’t get the right behavior and it was my entire fault. In Control Panel’s Regional Settings I changed the language in “Input Locales” – last tab - instead of “Regional Settings” – first tab.
Now, that I figured this out, everything is working just fine.
Mean time other questions were raised in my head but I was able to solve them using your sample and that’s way I rate your answer as “Excellent”. Thank you again!
Eddie Lascu.
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