Moving modem from com 2 to com 4

I have a modem called a clmd336.  Its driver is currently installed on com 2.  I have a device which plugs into my 25 pin port which would like to use com 2.  

Is there a way for me to:
A. move the modem's driver to com 3 or 4.
B. create a hardware profile where the modem is not installed on the com 2 port. (even if this means no modem in this profile)

I have the driver software (cheyenne bitware for windows)  should I remove the driver device and reinstall to com 3 or 4.  
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had to do the same thing, namely move the modem from COM2 to COM4, to accomodate the software which uploads from my digital-camera, but only on COM2.

In my case, I just reset one jumper on the modem (COM2 to COM4), and reconfigured my "dial-up" software to use COM3.  Yes, 'COM3' -- the computer's BIOS detected COM1/COM2/empty/COM4, and "shuffled" the COM ports to become COM1/COM2/COM3.

It works fine, just as long as I don't try to use the modem *AND* upload images from the camera at the *SAME* time.
As you've mentioned the "25 pin" point, ┬┐is it possible to you to get an adaptor (from 25 pin to 9 pin)?. I think that's the cheaper solution, if you don't want to open your machine and shuffle its innards...
JaaventAuthor Commented:
My computer went haywire for a while, but eventually, I managed to get both my camera and modem to work.  Thanks

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