Outlook 2000 and AOL email?

How do I set up outlook 2000 to handle internet email received and sent through AOL?
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You can't without a third party addin since AOL mail isn't standard Internet (POP3/SMTP) mail. There's an addin here that might help:
I had contacted AOL about this a few months back.  Their security won't let you access the mail via any other app other than AOL or the web based NetMail.  

This "bot" that is posted here brings your mail thru their server... kind of like letting the mailman read your mail as he delivers it.  I would assume if you don;t mind, it would be a good service, BUT as AOL always warns... you shouldn't give your username and password to anyone... this service uses both AND gets your mail.  

Legitimately, AOL neither acknowledges nor recommends ANY service for gathering your mail via any other app.  

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Other than ENetBot your options for getting mail in Outlook include:
- getting a free POP3/SMTP account (I think there are some available)
- abandon AOL and get an account with a standard ISP which normally offer POP3/SMTP accounts as part & parcel of their service
jsmith8122Author Commented:
When combined with information from VinceA's answer I have what I need to set up my account.

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