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I have just installed Win98 SE on both of my home computers, and (although both have modems) I would like to use only one phone line (dial-up . . . wishing for DSL) to run both mine and my spouses connection.  I followed the Help instructions for the set up of the Connection Sharing Computer, which resulted in a file, icsclset.exe, on a floppy.  Take to second compluter, and run.  Everything is fine, like, it dials the sharing computer, which connects, but on the second, nothing.  Network is OK, but Neighborhood properties on the Sharing Computer has 12 protocols, from AOL to . . .
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Shouldn't have any problems with this set up.  Look at those protocols.  And bindings.  There seem to be too many, execpt that AOL has two adapters, as well as the MS dialup adapter. Let's see, that makes six.  Check back.
Hi Rosewilk!

Could you be a little more specific in your description of what is and isn't working, and as to what isn't working, please tell us exactly what happens. These comments are confusing.

<<Everything is fine, like, it dials the sharing computer, which connects, but on the second, nothing.>>

On the second what? Is your wife's PC able to dial through your PC and out onto the Internet?

Are you able to dial out simultaneously?

<<Network is OK, but Neighborhood properties on the Sharing Computer has 12 protocols, from AOL to . . >>

Okay, what protocols are listed?

Merry Christmas Dennis, and all who are here!  We must be really wierd, Santa coming down the chimney et al.  Anyway, before I put the presents out, i note the following:
On the Sharing Compter (someone has AOL -- maybe Steve is cute) there are 2 AOL adapters, a dialup adapter and the internet connection sharing adapter.  Then, the ICS (Protocol) is bound to five (5) network components.  

Also, NetBEUI is running.  I read somewhere that NetBeui is not favored on a TCT/IP (read internet) home network.  

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the only protocols you will need in tcp\ip. all the others, unless AOL uses some weard one, can be removed unless you have a need for ipx.

on the computer that you want to use to dial (server)first load IE5 and got to the tools menu and got to internet options. click the connections tab at the top of the dialog box that just came up. click on the shearing buttion. make sure that the "enambel internet connection sharing" is selected.
the second computer must be reconfiged if you where using a dialup connection before. to do this, first load IE5 and got to the tools menu and got to internet options. click the connections tab at the top of the dialog box that just cam up. make sure that the "never dial a connection" option is selected. this will force ie to use your lan. then, click on lansetting at the bottom of the dialog box and make sure that the "use proxy server" is not selected.
Your network is identical to mine: two computers, two phone lines. This sounds so simple but can get tricky for the silliest things. The modem in/out wires on the second unit can simply be crossed, for example. The only protocol you should have is tcp/ip for ordinary uses. If your only ISP is AOL then that could be the actual culprit. AOL does some strange things. For example, you CAN NOT hone network over an AOL connection. They block this; they want every user paying those monthly fees.

The thing to remember is that Microsoft networking is more of an opportunity than a solution. I opted for a solution created by people whose business reputation is at stake: I run the Intel Anypoint system and had zero problems in getting it set up and to work ... after I figured out what two phone wires went into which holes on two three-jack outlets.
there is a "Internet Connection Sharing" prortocol that comes with win98 SE... i cant remember where to install it, its not in protocols... think its in add/remove programs... run help and search for it, should answer your question if you just wanna share a modem between 2 pc's

otherwise goto
Hi Rosewilk, I'm using internet sharing also.
The way I configed it is not with the disket.

I setup the host (pc with aktive modem to the internet), like normal. I ask for a diskette like you sed.
but I didn't use it for the client pc.
I did config it by hand.
As followed: (on the client pc)

got to ---> control pannel --> network ---> TCP/IP (from the network card) ------> click properties ---> click the tab Gateway ----> add new gateway you type the address of the host pc -----> then the tab DNS Configuration ---> enable dns ---> host name is the name of the pc you are working on now (client) ---> at the DNS Server Search Order add again the ip address of the host (pc with aktive connection to internet).

Note if your ISP is using a proxy you have the fill it in add you web brouser config aswel (my ISP does that).

On the client pc:
go to ----> internet options ---> connections ---> proxy settings ---> proxy enable ----> fill in the proxy address and port.

btw Marry new year
TokeMUp, your obviously new to this site, and with that, welcome. You should be aware of the fact that there are some protocols that are observed at this site. Techs do not post suggestions, estimates or guess's as answers and block the question from the review of other techs. Since a questioner can accept a comment as an answer, there's no reason to block a question. If what you post works, the questioner can accept it. By blocking the question as you have only serves to hide the question from other experts than may be able to provide a speedy resolution. Here are some site guidelines to help you.
RosewilkAuthor Commented:
Yes, I reject the proposed answer.  Please, in English.  Some of the comments are good.  I do have a zillion entries in Network Neighborhood.  But first, we are not attempting to use AOL on the sharing situation, rather, another commercial ISP.  The entries include:
AOL Adapter
AOL Dial-up Adapter
DIal-Up Adapter
Internet Connection Sharing
KTI Ethernet adapter
Protocols are:
ICS protocol -> AOL Adaoter
ICS protocol -> AOL Dial-up Ad
ICS protocol -> Dial-up Ad
ICS protocol -> ICS
ICS protocol -> KTI Eth
netBEUI -> KTI
TCP/IP (home) -> KTI
TCP/IP (shared) -> Dial-up Ad
TCP/IP -> AOL Dial-up Ad

More than any of you ever expected?

Also, I notice that WINS resolution is not disabled, but rather DHCP is used.
This is getting complicted.  Anyone have a clue?  Dennis, I remember a notation from you once on DHCP, but on the WinGate software on a DSL connection at work, these properties are carfully used to select DNS, gateways, etc., but not DHCP.  And at home, NetBEUI is being used just to make the network work.

Wish I had more time.

Besides the excess protocols, which can cause problems, the fact that you originally described a sequence where you took a file from the server computer to load onto the client computer (and they MUST be configured as such) leads me to suspect you may be trying to run two servers in the configuration. The nice thing about the Internet is that somewhere, if you can find it, the answer to all questions already exist. Try this:
Rosewilk, please clarify a couple of things.

Are these protocols all on one PC?

And is this PC with the connection or modem to the internet or the client seeking access via ICS to a machine with a modem?

If this is the client, does it also have a modem installed?

Both machines are using KTI adapters?
Rosewilk, sorry, I forgot to post a response to your Netbui question.

The network should be using a TCP/IP network with DHCP enabled on the master or psuedo server side.
RosewilkAuthor Commented:
The article is quite interesting.  It seems to say that I do not need NetBEUI running on the client.  Seems that I needed it to connect in the first place.

Dennis:  all those entries are on the server (that is, the computer on the fax telephone line).  Both have modems and the KTI ethernet adapters.  The network is obviously using TCP/IP and with DHCP enabled on both sides.  Should the client be different?
I have an extensive ICS document that might help you. If you wish, send me an email via and request that she forward it to me and I'll email it to you. This way, the search engines that search sites can't grab the email addresses. I already get enough spam to choke a horse.

Since this is the server machine, what we will need to determine what type of internet access is needed by the server and what is needed by the client in order to sort out all these adapters.

As an example, are both machines used for AOL? Do you have a separate ISP beyond AOL?

As for networking, if you have set up TCP/IP correctly, you don't need Netbui.
RosewilkAuthor Commented:

I have responded to your last comment, requesting the article.  I described the entries on the server above, and note again that we do not use the second machine on AOL, rather, a commercial ISP.  In the past, I connected the local network with TCP/IP only, but recently found I needed it when I upgraded the second machine to SE.  I realize this may not be necessary.  And remember, I ran icsclset.exe on the second computer.

<<I have responded to your last comment, requesting the article.>>

On its way to you!

<<and note again that we do not use the second machine on AOL, rather, a commercial ISP.>>

Forgive me for double checking things, but I'd rather not screw this up from the start.

Based on what you have posted, here is what I see, please confirm that it is correct.

The server:
1. This machine connects to the internet via AOL and uses a modem.

2. The server uses Netbui to establish a networking connection to other PCs on the network.

The client:
1. This machine will not be using AOL.

2. This machine connects to the internet via a separate ISP using a modem.

3. This machine relies on Netbui to communicate on the network.

So, if I understand this correctly, both machines have internet access, one via AOL and another via an ISP. Is this correct?

If both machines are connecting to the internet as I note above, what are you trying to achieve via ICS?

We'll deal with the ICS issues as soon as we get the network where it should be to implement it.
RosewilkAuthor Commented:
Sorry to have kept you waiting. Ha Ha.  In response:
The server:  Yes to both questions.  But note that NetBEUI is used only becuase it works now.  Maybe it will work with TCP/IP only.

The Client:
1.  Correct.
2.  Correct.  Anticipating the question below, it would be nice to connect both machines over one phone line, thus leaving the second open for calls from my rich grandmother.
3.  Yes.  But only because someone said to add it, and it worked.

By the way, I have your article and I am DYING to try some things.  Maybe tomorrow night.


What happens to your network when you remove NetBEUI?
RosewilkAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I sent a very detailed comment about two days ago, and it did not send.  Do not know why, maybe Y2K bugs.  And by the way, why is it not Y2M?  In Latin, does not K stand for 100 and M for 1000?  As in, Bill Gates has more than $1MMM?
What I said was that it now seems to work.  Before, the Client computer could make the one with the modem (both have modems, but I want to keep one telephone line open for calls from my broker, that is, mother).

On the Sharing computer, I have Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections, NEVER dial a connection . . .  In LAN settings, I have nothing checked.

Of course NetBEUI is used as a preferred network protocol.

On the Clent computer, I have (I did not do this myself) WINS use DHCP for WINS resolution (WHY??)  and in Contorl Panel, Inthernete Options, Connection, I have NO sharing  bar.

winipcfg shows a box in which the top half is missing and the Ethernet Adapter Information is PPP adapter, with an adapter address of 44-45-53-54-00-00, Ip address of, as well as the subnet mask, and nothing below this.  

Remember it works, and Dennis you should post, but I wonder why the differences, and whether I ought to remove NetBEUI.  If it aint broke . . .
DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP, via WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) automatically assigns an IP address to the client. ICS uses a modified version of this server service on the master PC to handle IP address assignments.

Since this is not a complete server service, you won't get the same data via
winipcfg that you would get from a named server.

Like everything else, if its now working, don't fix it!

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RosewilkAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.  I can now try a few other things, knowing that I can go back to where it worked.  See you later!
You're welcome anytime! Enjoy!
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