ICMP Error Messages

Suppose that on a host X UDP is generating a packet to send it to destination Y. It gives the packet to IP. IP will try to get the next hop for Y (Y is not directly connected to X). It will search in X's routing table for a suitable nexthop. If it fails to get the suitable next hop for this packet (even the default route is not present in the X's routing table). WILL IP GENERATE AN ICMP DESTINATION UNREACHABLE MESSAGE AND SEND IT TO ITSELF. OR WILL IT LOG AN ERROR AND DROP THE PACKET.?
In short will a host not generate an ICMP error message for itself.?
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Brian UtterbackConnect With a Mentor Principle Software EngineerCommented:
In the case of Solaris, it does indeed generate an
icmp for itself. A host would have to do this I should think, since it is possible for an application to register to receive this type of error from the network.

This can be verified by using the netstat  command
to display the icmp counters, as well as the traceroute command and/or ping commands to see
the resulting icmp returned to the app.
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