configuring a modem

my setup: RedHat 6.1 with NobleLink 56K pci card internal modem (not a winmodem)

Problem: I have tried setting the modem to the full range of choices in modemtool from tts0 to tts3 but cannot get the modem to dial my isp's phone number.
When I use kppp: On some of the tty's I get "modem busy" and on other's I get "modem does not respond"
I'm interpreting this to mean that some of the com ports are already taken on the former and that when it comes right down to it, Linux just dosn't like this particular modem. I am thinking of buying the "high price spread", a U.S. robotics modem.
My question is how can I figure out which com port to use, which modem to buy and how to get the darn thing to work?
any help would be appreciated.
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
PCI modems arent supported. Well, 95% of all PCI modems arent, because they use proprietary memory mapping instead of emulating a comport. Unless the modem specifically says "linux compatible" it will not work. This is NOT the same problem as a "winmodem"

Look at  for reference, they pretty much say that the only PCI modem that works is. Also on that page is a list for the few workarounds there are. Sorry, but i think you are out of luck.
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