cannot find file and missing icons

I have two niggles with my PC that have crept in over the last few months.
1. On boot up I get an error

 ' cannot find a device or file that may be needed to run windows or a windows application ...  '

I have done a logged boot and there are 3 failures recorded
a) Load failed ndis2sup.vxd
b) Initcomplete failed SDVXD
c) Dynamic load failed nuwave.drv :[000AB8C2] file not found

ndis2sup.vxd is the only one mentioned in the registry, that file is there and I have tried extracting a new copy off the CD-ROM but this does not help.

Plese could anyone give me an idea of where to go from here.  (I have not noticed any system problems)

The second problem is that now and then I suddenly loose most of the desktop icons, they change to the windows flags.
This corrects itself on re-boot, but what is the cause and more important, what is the cure.

Best regards John
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kjanxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
john, go to find files folders,
type in shelliconcache.
when it comes up, rename it to shelliconcache.old or just delete it.
reboot, and windows will rebuild.
Did you have a networkcard. I think that reinstalling the networkcard & drivers will do for the Ndis problem..

jcollesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.   This has solved another problem where the icons came up one at a time over a period of about 15 seconds on boot up.

I have a tcp/ip network running.   I will re-install the card and driver sometime in the next week or so when I can take the network down for a bit without causing problems

Thanks for your help  John
jcollesAuthor Commented:
I have reinstalled the network card and driver, but the error is still there.

I have also tried using Nuts & Bolts registry wizard and I now have a further error on boot.
The error on a blue background is:

PC/TCP OnNet VxD kernel 4.01 (17) 12/7/95 14:58

VxD PCTCP:WCOMVXD is not loaded kernel will not be loaded.

This sounds more serious, but sofar everything still seems to be working.   I have restored the original version of the registry, (befoer using N&B) but the error remains.
Where do I go from here without sending the whole system down the pan?

Regards John

jcollesAuthor Commented:
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