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I am running Windows 98. The help files (index and contents) will not come up when I click on them...

Microsoft Word specifically and I just installed a Visioneer Scanner and the help index and contents will not come either.

How can I get these files to come up?
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First, run the system file checker (Start/Run sfc).  Then boot to dos and run scanreg /fix.

If that doesn't help, answer these questions:

Do you receive an error message when you try to use help?  If so, what is the exact message?  You may have a corrupted help program or registry.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
rwl,  Try this


(1) You might have just accidentally moved the C:\windows\Help directory to other places in your harddisk.  Use Find to allocate if the Help folder exist and move it back to C:\windows\

    Or at Start-run, type [HELP], OK , see if any "HELP" windows popup to help you.  If yes, note the current directory of it. Restore it back to C:\windows\HELP\
(2) Go to the recycle-bin , check if you have accidentally delete the C:\windows\Help directory. If yes, it still there, try to recover it.

(3) If it is not the case for (1) and (2).
    Some dynamic files may be corrupted where the help engine cannot create (eg. associated supporting dynamic files *.GID, *.dsz, *.hti, *.tsc )

(a) Suggest restore the following run-time engine files back to the C:\windows\ directory

Winhelp.exe   -  Windows 98 Help System run-time Engine. Windows WinHlp32 Launcher
Winhlp32.exe  -  Windows 98 32-bit Help run-time engine

Method:  Start-run-type [sfc] at the open box, OK, at the system file checker, select the option:
[x] Extract one file from installation disk
at the open box , type [Winhelp.exe    ], Click [Start] to begin extracting the file from win98cdrom disk to path C:\windows\

Then repeat above steps for restoring Winhlp32.exe
[x] Extract one file from installation disk
at the open box , type [Winhlp32.exe   ], Click [Start] to begin extracting the file from win98cdrom disk to path C:\windows\
(b) Suggest restore the following help files and help content files and supporting files back to the C:\windows\HELP\   directory.  
Method:  Go to Start-programs-MS-DOS Prompt , at the Msdos prompt window,
         go to the directory  c:\windows\help
         and type the following line in sequence:

         c:\windows\help\extract /a x:\Win98\ *.hlp  <enter>

         c:\windows\help\extract /a x:\Win98\ *.chm  <enter>

         c:\windows\help\extract /a x:\Win98\ *.cnt  <enter>

         c:\windows\help\extract /a x:\Win98\ *.hti  <enter>

         c:\windows\help\extract /a x:\Win98\ *.tsc  <enter>

(replace x: with the letter of your CD-ROM).


*.hlp -- Windows 98 help files

*.chm -- Windows 98 Compiled HTML file.
         This file is in a binary format and cannot be viewed with text editors.
         Double click the file to view it's contents using the Windows 98 Help Engine.

*.cnt -- Windows Help contents file.
         A contents (.CNT) file is used by Windows 98 to specify all the help files
         you wish to search when using Online Help.

*.hti and *.tsc  --  Support Files for the Windows 98 Troubleshooters.

Most of the help files are stored in win98cdrom:\win98\,,,, and

The *.hlp in all cabinet files will be searched and extracted to directory C:\windows\help\

It follows for the extracting of other file types too.

Then restart the computer (maybe need 3 successive reboot for changes become effective).

See if this can be in assistance.        pslh

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rwlAuthor Commented:
good answer...but what i did to fix the problem was to run "file checker" under accessories, system tools, file checker.

that fixed the problem, i had to use the 98 cd to overwrite the file
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