dot patterns

I want to know how to take one image an have it work as a dot grain pattern in place of the dots of a
bitmap image. For example: a photo is all made out of one letter or star in place of the dots. Can
you tell me how to do this? Thanks, JTG
there is no way o do this?
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You cant but you can certainly do it with the dots or halftone pattern.
BDGAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Depending on how big you want the pattern to be... the letter-shaped dots, that is.....

Say you convert your image to a 1-bit.... or adjust the treshold so it looks like it...  then create a custom brush with the shape you want.... and then select al the black areas and fill them with the brush pattern....

Or you can create a seamless tile with the pattern you want.... and use it to fill the black areas with it...

Never tried, tho.... You might want to play with it and let us know...

God vibes!!
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BDGAuthor Commented:
I want the shape to be very small but still identifiable and fill in all the black areas. I tried to define a pattern from my image and then converted my greyscale photo into bitmap with custom pattern and  it worked thoretically but visually you could realy  ake out the shape so well or the photo looked mushed.Can you think of a better way to do this?
How about creating a new layer, filling it with the pattern and then playing with the transparency settings..... After getting the right "feel" you could flaten the image and convert it to a 1-bit....

Hope it works..

Good vibes!!

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BDGAuthor Commented:
thx for the points, BDG!!!

I'm glad I was of help.

Good vibes!!!
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