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I would like to be able to automaticly resize my vistors web browser to ensure all my page is viewed, I use frames but I do not allow frame resizing or a scroll bar to keep the page looking clean.  Is it possibe to dictate the browser viewing size once they enter my frames page ?
My page can be found at Http://
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chewymonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Put this script in the head of your splash page:

<!--Hide from old browsers

function mainwindow(){"index1.html","myRemote","height=450,width=70,screenX=20,left=20,screenY=50,top=50");}
//end hiding-->

height and width are obvious, the others place the upper left corner in relation to the screen.  The numbers are pixels.  top and left are for IE, screenX and screenY are for Netscape.

This is the link in the body to open the new page.

<a href=# onClick=mainwindow()>Enter</a>

DivrAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
I certainly hope not.  It gives you to much control over my machine.

It can sort of be done by using JavaScript to pop a new window of the desired size, but the original window will remain the original size.
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