"filesec.vxd" and "mssp.vxd" missing??

    I was able to install Windows95 but now when I reboot get this message:

    "Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or a Windows
    application. The windows registry or system.ini file refers to this device file, but the device file no longer exists. If you deleted this file on purpose, try uninstalling the  associated application using its uninstall or setup program. If you still want to use the application associated with this device file, try reinstalling that application to replace
    the missing file. filesec.vxd Press a key to continue"
    Then I get the same message for mssp.vxd file.

    I don't remember deleting this files myself? Would you know where this files
    belong(to wich application or program) and what is the safest way to go about this? I have only floppy, CD-ROM, HDD mobo and video card in the system.

    Thanks a lot
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LadyKathConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Howie on my system the two files you mention are in C:\Windows\System and also c:\aol\net\osr2.
Did you install over your existing Win95 OS ?
If so, maybe best to format your HD and then reinstall Win95 clean..........
howeiAuthor Commented:
I installed on new HD.
I'll try to format and install again.
To resolve this issue, install either of the following network clients:

Microsoft Client for Microsoft Networks
Microsoft Client for Netware Networks
Microsoft Family Logon

NOTE: The Microsoft Family Logon network client is included with Internet Explorer 4.0 and 4.01.
To install a network client, follow these steps:

1. In Control Panel, double-click Network.

2. Click Add, click Client, and then click Add.

3. In the Manufacturers box, click Microsoft.

4. In the Network Clients box, click either Client For Microsoft

   Networks, Client For NetWare Networks, or Microsoft Family Logon.

5. If you are prompted for a computer or workgroup name, add the names
   on the Identification tab.

6. Click OK or Close until you return to Control Panel. If you are
   prompted to restart your computer, do so.

When you install Personal Web Server, references to the Filesec.vxd and Mssp.vxd files are added to the registry. However, these files are only installed on your computer if a Microsoft network client is currently installed or has ever been installed. If you remove a Microsoft network client using the Network tool, the Filesec.vxd and Mssp.vxd files are not removed. A Microsoft network client is installed by default when you install Windows 95 on a computer that contains a network card or modem.

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