X-Configuration trouble

I've installed Linux Mandrake for a total of 8 times now. Everything is fine, except the X-Windows...the configuration of the resolution of my monitor and video card has to be wrong. I dont have the stats on my monitor so I set it up as custom, let the OS detect my video card stats and tried the resolution proposed in the installation manual....but still when I load Linux up the screen is so choppy I cant read or see hardly anything, and when I close a window out most or sometimes part of that window remains on my screen...I've tired almost every resolution configuration...someone PLEASE help me if you can, I am dying to try out my new Linux..thank you:)
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Sounds like a unsupported Video Card to me, what videocard does your system have?
Metallica17Author Commented:
see thats the problem, I have no idea, it says it found a PCI entry, but I dont have a video card in my PCI slots, I dont know much about my hardware, video card wise becuz my computer was given to me....I dont know how much memory it has either, or even wear its loacated..maybe in a dip chip, I have no clue....but its an older computer, but I updated it with 72MB of RAM, CPU up to a 233MHz, and put a new HD in, so I just dont know about the video card...I kinda figured thats the problem..any possible solutions you have even if their a long shot please shoot 'em out..I would greatly appreciate it...thanx alot:)
First or try ``Xconfiguration --kickstart''  [iirc]
I had a very naughty SiS6326 and this helped it to start.
Sencond, you must find out what beast you have there.
Plug it out and look @ it.
Then goto SuSe site (www.suse.org, I suppose)  and download
a driver for it .
The copy the driver to /usr/X11R6/bin/
link it : #ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/XXX_Driver /etc/X11/X
do the kickstart and try startx.
[ p.s. this really worked 4 me :-) ]

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Try running SuperProbe then use the settings found in XF86Setup. Run both as root from the console.
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