Win 98 and Win 2000

I have Win 98, Win 2000 and Linux Mandrake on  one computer with a multi-boot loader. The Win 98 and Win 2000 partitions are both FAT 32. I would want to be able to use the programs I am currently using under Win 98 under Win 2000 and Win 98. For most little programs that isn't hard, but what to do with a program like Office 2000 ... ?

Is is possible to use (f.i.) Office 2000 with both operation systems and yet only having it installed once ? If so, how ?

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No, you must install Office two time. There are some registry keys that must be set. So you must install Office for W2k first and then W98 (or vise versa) The only option that I can see is installed Offiec 2000 on a othe rPc and working via a networkdrive for both.

You must run the install on both opperating systems.  But you may be able to install them both the the same location.  (e.g. C:\Program Files\Office)

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Jason_S is right, that's the way I do it.  I have a tripple boot (98, NT workstation, NT server) and don't have the space for all of my large appz like Photoshop 5 and Office 2000 to have seperate installs for each OS, so I created an applications drive (location where I install all programs) and you just run the install in your second OS over the install of the first OS.  I created a folder called Program Files, then Office2K.  But you MUST run the install in each OS as Mario says.
a suggestion: if you are running a netbios interface so it's better that you'll share some folder, and access it via UNC.
Then if the drive letter is different in w2k and w98, you sill run the app from the same location. And you can even move the app from one drive to another, or one folder to another, and just share it again, and it will work. it's like to install office from the network.
BeTaKATAuthor Commented:
This is what have done now:
I changed my partitions (from 13 GB HD) to:

  (1)   c:\      - -  1,5 GB - -   win98 +My docs    (FAT32)
  (2)   d:\      - -  1,5 GB - -   win2000 + Some docs  (NTFS)  
  (3)              - -  1 GB - -   Linux
  (4)   e:\      - -  6 GB - -   Program files (FAT 32)
  (5)              - -  2 GB - -   Linux Program File
  (6) (7) ... other (like Linux swap and ...)
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