ATI Expert 128 X help

I just bought a new computer system, and I can not configure X for the life of me.  I have tried and tried to configure it.  I have an ATI EXPERT 128 video card with 16 meg of ram on it.  I know there is no listing for it, but with all the other ATI support there has to be a way for me to get this card to work.  Please HELP!!  :)  

Jason Lundy
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Please tell the machine (and, indeed, install) the
XF86_SVGA server for it, instead of any machXX
servers. Also, please note that you better have as
recent an XFree86 as you can (I am using 3.3.5 with
a Matrox G200, a Voodo3 3000 and a Rage 128

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JasonLundyAuthor Commented:
I assume you mean by reinstalling all the linux to get the SVGA driver loaded.  I tried that, but it still wouldnt work.  It tries to check for the VRam in the install program and crashes.  I dont really know what version of XFree86 that Im using.  I assume I can download a new version somewhere and install it.  Do you have any more suggestions?  
good heavens, NO. not reinstalling the entire linux.
REMOVE the xserver package, install the xserver_svga
AND xserver_vga16 and use XF86Setup or
Xconfigurator to configure the screen
JasonLundyAuthor Commented:
Ok.  Im really new so you may want to bare with me.  How do I remove them, and install the others without reinstalling the linux?  I am loading Redhat 6.0 from cd, and honestly dont know anything yet.  Sorry if this is a hassle.  Thanks again.
Do the following:

  rpm -qa | grep -i xfree

You should get a list of packages. You require the following (x probably is equal to 3) at the VERY LEAST (and this DOES NOT INCLUDE FONTS:


If you have an XFree86-Mach64, remove
that with:

  rpm -e Xfree86-Mach64

and then install the appropriate packages
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