Need to convert mp3's, ect. to wav format

Hello, does any one have a good program I can dowload for converting sound files to wav format.  I just got a burner so I want my mp3s converted so I can play them on a cd player after I burn them.  Thanks

O one more thing, are DVDs burnable?

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bgrindyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First question-
     WinAmp works great, if you have it.
You can set the output to Disk Writer, which will turn every file on your playlist into a wav file in the specified directory.
-you can download Winamp at
If you have any more questions about WinAmp, feel free to ask

Second Question,
     You can burn the contents of DVDs, but it wouldn't fit on a CD. DVDs hold between 4 and 18 GIGABYTES, CDs hold 650megabytes. DVDs use dual layer technology, double-sides, and smaller grooves, giving them much more storage space.
Hope this Helps You Out
Also, about DVDs, I forgot to put this in, the laser focuses different on DVDs.
The only DVD Writing facilities, are huge companies, that have mass-production utilities. There is a new Panasonic DVD Recorder, but it is only availiable in Japan. The US version will be out in the first or second quarter of 2000.
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