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I just received a new computer from my sister for Xmas because my current mongrel computer is not Y2K compliant.  The new computer, purchased off an auction site is an old, but unused Compaq and has no operating system.  It is 75 mhz, Pentium I, 32 megs ram, 2 gig hard drive but no cd-rom.  I have a cd-rom drive to install but I don't even no where to start. HOW DO I INSTALL AN OPERATING SYSTEM LIKE WIN 98 IF I DON'T HAVE A CDROM DRIVE, so that I can then install a cd-rom drive and transfer everything from my old computer (which also doesn't have a cd-rom drive).  Is there anything else I need to install before or after I solve the operating system problem?  I have all the software I could need but they are all on cd-rom.  Is there anyway I can install an operating system from my sister's laptop (with cdrom drive) to my new Compaq?

Please keep your answers simple.  I'm a newbie.


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You can't easily install Win98 without a CD-ROM drive. What you need to do is install the CD-ROM drive into your computer. The Win98 install boot floppy has enough smarts to be able to support most CD-ROM drives. So, you'll be able to transfer control over to the CD-ROM drive and get Win98 installed. It all happens automatically if you have an OEM or full version of Win98 along with the appropriate boot floppy.

Here's what you do.

1. Install the CD-ROM drive. Assuming it is an internal ATAPI drive (the most common kind), ideally you would make it the master on the secondary IDE controller.

2. If you have it installed and recognized, then stick the boot floppy into the A: drive, the Win98 CD into the CD drive, and boot from the floppy. (If your BIOS can boot from CD then you can avoid booting from the floppy, but I'm guessing that your computer can't boot from CD.)

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to get Win98 installed. It should go quite smoothly if you have standard hardware that is in working order.

Yeah but assuming that zebobyo does have a WIN98 boot disk(not saying that you're computer-illiterate).  Does your motherboard have IDE1 and IDE2?

If IDE2 is there, then plug the IDE cable with the red strip in the same direction as the other IDE cable.  Then the other end to the CD-ROM with the red cable to the right.  Plug power to the CD-ROM and mount it.

Turn power on with WIN98 boot disk in drive A:.

W98 boot disk does have common CD-ROM drivers in it.  It'll run the then the autoexec.bat which should automatically run the drivers to the CD-ROM.  The drivers are not on the hard drive, so don't turn it off.

If the system doesn't have the boot file(, then type: A:sys c:
This will move the boot commands of Windows 98 to your computer.

From here insert the W98 CD.  Go to that respective location, normally D drive.  Type in: SETUP.EXE
This will start the setup proccess.

Oh and you can install WIN98 using floppy disk, but it cost about $200-$300 bucks.  You can get them by ordering it from Microsoft.  I wouldn't though.  Floppy disks can easily be damaged and courrupted.  Viruses and stuff, you know.  Well try that and post feedback so we know how it went, ok.  Laterz.
As Bparnes and Shadowha said, All the things you need are:

1. An IDE (ATAPI ) CD-ROM drive. If you don't have it, buy one form your local
computer stores.

2. A bootable diskette. IF it is W98's startup-disk, it have already had built-in
IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM driver. (As Shadowha said)
But, if not, you must find and copy 2 more files to your bootable diskette:
2) any IDE CD-ROM driver.
Don't worry about driver compatibility. It can be used for the other models.
(But, CD-ROM's performance will be decreased.)
Next, add CONFIG.SYS for CD-ROM driver with the line below:
(rename CDDRV.SYS to the exact CD-ROM driver's filename)
And then, add AUTOEXEC.BAT file for accessing CD-ROM with this command:

When plugging IDE cable to CD-ROM drive (and IDE connector), keep the red
wire on the cable to pin1-side of the connectors. The pin1 on CD-ROM's data
connector (and almost all other drives) is near its 4-pin power connector.
(As Shadowha said)

Don't forget master/slave drive jumper setting. Always set CD-ROM to slave
drive unless there is no drive using the same IDE cable (then you must set it
to master drive). The jumper is usually located near the IDE connector.

Also, since you cannot mount drive to your compaq's case (except you have
an another drive rail), you should cover it with insulator (ex: plastic bag) when
using the drive. You may feel that it is harder to use the drive if you don't
cover it.

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Nothing was mentioned about partitioning and formatting the Hard Drive.
Windows will take care of that if the drive is not partitioned or formatted
Zebobyo, please post your reply back here. I don't know wheather my answer can help you solved your problem or not.
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