How do I send current web pages with outlook 98?

New machine... While browsing on my old machine If I wanted to send a web page to a relative I just clicked mail-send page and outlook98 (which was open) would bring the page up in a message I'd click to: pick out their email address click send and off it would go to the server.   On my new machine and new installation, "send page" gets an error "unable to open address book MAPI 1.00" When outlook and IE5 is open Outlook also gets an error when checking for mail. If Outlook98 is off I can use "send Page" but it keeps them until I open outlook and send them manually. Outlook 98 is set for "Internet Mail Only." How it got set that way, or how to change it would be guess work on my part. How do I solve this bothersome maddening problem?
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a shot in the dark but try this:
- rename your MAPI32.DLL file
- reinstall the Internet Mail Only mail component from this site:
rickytickAuthor Commented:
The shot in the dark seems to have worked... but I copied the dll from my old disk.
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