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Posted on 1999-12-26
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Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Hi..you often see pictures in advertisements of lets say a person..but they make it look "modern"
by giving the image a blue hue.

For example on www.microsoft.com
there is a picture of a girl in the top left corner that has this effect.
How can i make this and similar type effects?

Also..know a great place for free fonts?
Not the same useless ones i find when i do a font search?

Question by:goldberg98
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you can convert your image to a duotone and play with the curves....  or you can play with the Hue/Saturation settings....

Two questions for 50 buckaroos????


Good vibes!!

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ID: 2308798
 Create a new layer, flood fill it with the color you want, and reduce the opacity until you like the effect.

 The best site I've found for free fonts is Font-a-day, they send you one a day and you can go through the archives for hundreds more


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ID: 2308818
I think Lobo was on the right track.  Convert your image to greyscale then convert it into a doutone.  While the window is titled "Duotone Options" you can make tritone or quadtone images.  Select the "Type:" and then choose the "Ink" colors.

The best advise I can give is just play with the different settings until you find what your looking for.  I personally like tritone... you can get a better color effect then duotone but doesn't get too messy or heavy as quadtone.  But like I said that is just my personal perference.

If you are doing a series of images you can save the settings and load them for each image to insure the colors match.
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ID: 2308998
okay okay.....

fontpool.com has over a thousand fonts for download.....

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ID: 2311258
how do i convert to gray scale and convert to duotone or tritone?

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ID: 2311273
nevermind...I got it..thanks LOBO AND FORKBEARD!

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ID: 2311282
thanks Patwallace too

only one thing now...im at the duotone/tritone/etc menu and i want to switch back the bottom three boxes to default white ...i switched them as i was checking it out to differenet colors..how i can set it back??:) i cant seem to figure that silly thing out

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ID: 2311425
If you want to take away a color just select the previous Type in the pull down menu.  (ex. Quadtone minus a color is tritone)

As far as mixing and selecting colors there are two methods.  The first is titled "Color Picker" and has a large square (3inch x 3inch) with colors choices blending into each other.

The other choice is titled "Custom Colors" and has a narrower box (2 x 3) with premixed colors and their names underneath seperating the choices.  These are industry standard colors for printing and design work and share a similar overall value.  For this reason designers use them to ensure the colors don't conflict or fight each other visually.  In this style you can't select white.

You can easily switch between the styles by clicking on the button directly underneath the cancel button.  If you are in "Color Picker" the button will say "Custom" and if in "Custom Color" the button will say "Picker".

Most of the time I use the "Color Picker" version unless I'm using a large field of flat color for a printed job.  For Duotone (tritone, quadtone) I usually use "Custom Colors".

In the "Custom Color" window there is a pull down menu with the title "Book:" next to it.  You can change the books to give you variations of the color palettes.  Unless you are designer working for a huge company, have a huge budget and need exact color reproduction when printed I would suggest choosing one of the "Books" and sticking with it.  I personally like "Pantone uncoated" but it really doesn't make much difference.

The Color Picker also has many different settings to choose from.  The choices are marked by a letter and a round button.  The choices from top to bottom, left then right are: H, S, B,   R, G, B,   L,  a, b.  Each has it's own method of displaying colors for you to choose from.  Once again look at each one and find which one you like.  I always have the H button clicked and find it is the easiest and most straight forward.  The narrow slider selects the color then the large field selects the value.

I hope this clears up some of your mysteries.

Accepted Solution

AllStarCreative earned 240 total points
ID: 2313674
In Photoshop 5.5 the fastest way to do this is to create a new layer above the original image, with a solid color of you choice, then change the layer to color only. This will give you the effect you want with out all the work and without altering the original image.

Give that a try. I think you will find it much easier and quicker if you change your mind on the color you want to use.

If you need richer blacks or hotter whites in the image just adjust the image using the levels tool.

that's it.

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by:nils pipenbrinck
ID: 2337063
hey folks, it's much easier...

just go to image->adjust->hue/saturation

then check the "colorize" box and play around with the sliders..

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what you're looking for.


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