a question about c++builder3.0 link

i am writing a programm with c++builder 3.0,but when i run it in another computer it says 'cannot find cp3240mt.dll' .how can i link this dll in my computer.i want not copy this file to that computer.
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when deploying a project you often need to deploy some of the runtime dlls.
CP3240mt.DLL etc..
they are runtime librarys needed by your c++ programs.you should read deploy.txt in the bcb directory as it tells you what you may distribute with your applications.
you have two choices in this case either copy the needed dlls's to windows system dir on the target pc or to deploy a single exe bring up the project options and on the linker page uncheck the use dynamic RTL and on the package page uncheck use run time packages. Rebuild your project and you will get a single exe (albeit larger exe) without any runtime libraries needed , then you wont have to worry about these problems.
U have to copy that file
zhangyunchaoAuthor Commented:
thank you very much.although this question is very easy ,i am glad to add points to you.
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