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keyboard lock at startup

problem: My keyboard doesn't usualy work during bootup (powerup or reset) but the computer thinks it's ok, it even starts windows without even knowing the keyboard doesn't work (the lights on they keyboard is lit up).
I usualy have to reset the bios with the jumper to get the keyboard to work (all the changes I do in the BIOS after that is setting the CPU speed and disable the APM features)
When I turn on "Halt on errors - keyboard" I can see that it halts in the beginning and displays the text "The keyboard has been locked - unlock the key". Que????

I have tried to shuffle around my pci-cards to get new IRQ's for them but it doesn't seem to work. (BTW; why do all my gear hate IRQ9? They rather flock around the same IRQ rather than using IRQ?)

My gear:
Abit BE6 (latest bios and drivers)
PIII 450
128Mb PC100
Matrox G400 MAX
Ensoniq AudioPCI
??? 4Gb UDMA/33
IBM 13Gb UDMA/66 (latest drivers)
SCSI card with harddrive
1 Solution
the message probable means that you have:

1/ jumpered the KEYLOCK pins on the mainboard, if you have any thing on the two pins, remove it and reboot

2/ if your case has a Lock (just going thru the basics, no insults here), that it is locked

usually the first is the problem

The are to broblems with this results:
1)you have jumpered the keylock jumper ,to unjumpered find here is going the reset SW to your mainboard and the same jumper is the keylock.It's easy.
|                 |         |
|     KEYLOCK     |  RESET  |
|                 |         |

2)keyboard have a fuse. Chck this fuse , you will find them to mainboard near to keyboard conection.Put it out and put a new.First check it if is good.
raya70Author Commented:
Yep, when removing the cable from the KEYLOCK pins it worked. However I lost my powerLed at the same time but who cares... :-)

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