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In the San Andeas map, there is a tank on an island by itself in South-East Woodside. There is no apparent way on to this island, except maybe by driving a bike off the edge of the bridge, and even then, no apparent way to get the tank off the island.
How can I get this tank? Is it involved in one of the missions, is it an extra side-game, or is it a kill frenzy, or just a teaser?
I am currently up to level Mandarin Madness (or something), the first level on the San Andreas map.
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Yo subman I have got the anwser for ya

Do not jump of the bridge but go down
the bridge and then left (right if you are behind the wheel) into the neighbourhood. Between some flats you can see the water to the island.
Here is a secret bridge. You can walk or drive across is. Note this is not a straight bridge. Here you will find the
tank and you have found yourself a kill frenzy.

go to and you will see a map of San Andreas. On this map you will see close to the bridge a bomb. Above the bomb you will see aother icon.(a white cicle
with something blue in it. This is where the secret bridge to the tank is.

If you have some more questions about GTA i'm willing to help.

See ya



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SubhumanAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll try this sometime this afternoon.
SubhumanAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Fun o)
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I see you are happy with my anwser.
Well no thanks and if you have more
questions about any GTA game maybe
I can help you again...
GTA is one of teh best games ever..

hehe....GTA kicks link BTW SRK! :) your back now you've spammed me SRK...I'll be there..hehe
Word Oubelkas

Great link eh...
Well see ya later

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