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Can I connect to an Access database which is sittng in  a web server using the IP ?
I tried with ADO and it is working when I include server name in datasource . But when I give the IP address of server in data source it is not connecting.But If the database is MSSQL Server it is workig. Please Help.
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DanielCarConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You cannot connect to an Access Database using its IP address. You can do it with SQL Server, because SQL has a protocol to talk to clients on IP, Access doesn't...


Daniel    :-)
durgeshgnAuthor Commented:

Will You Pl name those protocols available with MSSQL Server and Oracle ?
On the client side of SQL Server, you can choose which library you want to use to connect to which server: Multiprotocol, TCP/IP, NWLink, Named Pipes, Banyan Vines and ApleTalk are the standard ones.
The equivalent options are available on Oracle.


Daniel      :-)

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