System:Intel Pentium 266, 96 MB Ram,Mother Board AOPEN: At AP5VM,PCI Bus Maste IDE controller: Intel 82371SB and Intel 82437VX Pentium Processsor to PCI Bridge. O/S Windows 98 Ver 4.10.1998. 24X cd-Rom. 2 Gig Hard Disk. Adaptec Software with latest drivers.
The only option I CAN DO is to copy a Data Disk.
It Does Not do The following:
1. Format a cd-rw disk
When formating it runs for about 45 minutes and STOPS.
2. Copy an audio CD
Copies 1 or to tracks and stops.
I am a novice and I am ready to call it quits.
Can anybody help, PLEEEEAAASE!!!

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sch1121Author Commented:
SORRY!! Is a Pentium 233
Most CD-RWs today are a challenge to novices and those of us who have them were all there at one time. I'm not new to CD-Rs and CD-RWs, but I just got an HP 8200I that was a pain to configure.

You said you had the latest drivers and Adaptec software. You also have to have the latest Bus Mastering software for your motherboard. VIA chipsets often work using Intel IDE bus mastering drivers, but CD-writers usually balk. And they usually have problems with the correct (older) drivers. (Mine needed the absolute latest.) Some writers also have problems with DVD IDE drives. For example, my eject button on my Toshiba DVD wouldn't work until I updated everything. Bummer. (You'd think the software and drivers in the box would work!)

Easy CD Creator and DirectCD also must be the latest versions. (Updating only the former didn't work for me.) Reboot after each update, too, if you need to go that route.

Hope this helps.
so, tell him where he may get these latest drivers.  
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what do yo meen by balk?.  remember, your dealing with a novice here.  he needs some Info on what to do or where to check!!!!  Not, past experiences.
Well, HP's web address is all over the box and is listed throughout the documentation, including the back cover (it's And I'll tell you something else, guys. Past experience is the key to troubleshooting computers. And even that's iffy. A novice isn't a moron, you know, and we're all novices in some areas.

At any rate, all drivers and updates are available at the page referenced above.
sch1121Author Commented:
Okay, but we need further information. You said it copies one or two tracks and stops. Does this mean the software (DirectCD) stops responding? Does Windows freeze? Does the formatting or writing utility just vanish from memory? Do you get an error message?

Also, I see you have a Mitsumi, not an HP...sorry, I've been working with someone else with an HP and my alleged mind is going with age.

Anyway, for formatting, you might uninstall DirectCD, reinstall the version that came with your drive, try that, and, if it works, update it with the latest version and try again. Also, if your CD-RW has been previously formatted, you won't be able to copy an audio disk.

Try taking a brand new CD-RW disk, slip it into your drive and then, without attempting a format, copy an audio disk via Adaptec's CD Copier. That should work.

sch1121Author Commented:
Hi jiler:
1. When I try to format a CD-RW it formats for about 42:00 minutes and the vanish. Windows explorer shows that the CD-RW disk has 0 (cero)bytes writen and cero bytes available. When I try to copy a file to it I get an error "No access to disk" or something like that.
2. I am able now to copy a data disk to a CD-R disk and it works at 2X but will not at 4X.
3. For your info.
a. uninstalled Direct CD. Re-installed it; then, re-installed windows 98 and MSN 5.0 to no avail.
b. Tryed to format a new CD-RW and after about 42 min. is vanished from memory (I think)The fomating procedure does not come to a conclusion.
c. I am using the latest drivers.
Based on what you've said, it sounds suspiciously like a bus mastering problem. See if you update your bus mastering drivers, reboot and then see if it works.
sch1121Author Commented:
Under divice manager, hard disk shows "Intel 82371SB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller"
How and where do I go to update driver?
I looked and looked to no avail..
Hi Jiler,
  This is my Dad that is having all these probems with his cd-rw.  I would like to add that after becoming suspicious that maybe the device was malfunctioning itself, they took it out and put it in his friends computer and from what I understand, It worked great.  He had formatted about 3 disks for him to use.  His friends computer does not have bus mastering.  So, sounds like that is where the problem is like you said.  My first question would be; can you disable the bus mastering or delete it.  If you can, can it be done through Windows or do you have to do it via CMOS set up or the system BIOS set-up.  Sounds like to me that there should be a way to disable the bus mastering.  Thanks for your Help!!!!
No, bus mastering is what governs the way IDE drives (hard disks, CD-ROMs, etc.) are read and how they work. The type of bus mastering you have depends on a chipset located generally on the motherboard. Intel and VIA, for example, both produce chipsets and the drivers that control them.

If you go to your Device Manager and look under Hard Disk Controllers, you'll see the Bus Master Controller and above that a reference to primary and secondary controllers. These three all operate in conjunction with one another.

On your motherboard, you should have two IDE channels. Each channel supports two IDE devices. If both channels are enabled, you can attach a total of four IDE devices. (These channels can be enabled or disabled through the bios usually.)

Your chipset's drivers should be the latest available to properly operate your CD-RW. You can often download them at the website operated by the motherboard manufacturer; however, my motherboard manufacturer (FIC) had older drivers for my VIA MPV3 chipset and they would not work adequately with my HP8200i CD-RW. I had to download the newest drivers from the VIA website.

To determine what chipset you have, take a gander at your Device Manager and look at the motherboard manual. Sometimes installing the drivers is a lot easier than finding them, but neither should be too difficult.
Take a look at the setup options under Device Manager and look under each CD-ROM drive if you have a busmaster driver - There should be an "enable DMA transfer" option this is necessary to check to make your drive work fast enough! - When a CD writer writes a disc it needs a steady flow af data, and if your HD or source CD is to slow, then you get errors like the one you've got ! A busmaster driver generally makes your system work faster, because it does free your CPU for a lot of the harddisk/CD controlling work!!
It might be possibel that a system with a fast processor and HD works fine without the busmaster controller installed, but there are no reason to disabel it ! Is your HD and CD-ROM drive UDMA or PIO 4 - You can see it in the startup sequence! When you try to copy a CD - how do you do it ? - Directly from a CD to the CD-R or from HD to CD-R? - Usually it is better to copy from HD to CDR because the HD is faster than a CD drive.
In short: The most important thing for a CDRW drive is that it gets the data in a steady and relatively fast flow!
There are many factors to consider to optimize the system for the fastest flow! - It could ex. be a guestion about how fragmented the data is on your HD !
This a long discussion, so please give a short status message!
sch1121Author Commented:
Under "device Manager" "CD Rom" shows:
Under "Hard Disk Controller" Shows:
Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
Secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
For ATAPI CD under "settings" Shows:
Diconnect, is checked
Auto insert notification, is checked
DMA, is not checked
Current drive assigned: "D:"
Start Drive letter: D:
End drive letter: D:
FOR CR-4804TE shows the same except Drive E:
The HD is not fragmented. I run NORTON on a regular basis.
I use ADAPTED with the latest drivers and it copies Data CD'S OK.  PROBLEMS: Cannot do: 1.-FORMAT a CD-RW disk 2.- Copy an AUDIO CD to a CD-R disk.
I cannot tell if is UDMA OR pio-4 starup goes to fast.. PAUSE dont work. Thanks for your efforts.

Have you tried to check the DMA, and then restart your machine ? And then looked if the DMA still is checked ?
If you have - and DMA is still on, then your Music CD copy might be allright !
- Especially if you copy directly from CD to CD-ROM! - When I copy music; I first copy the music to the harddisk, and then I burn a copy! - This approach never fail !
Did you upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98? If so, check out At that site, the word is: "Users who have upgraded to Windows 98 may experience IDE subsystem problems, since the Intel® BM-IDE driver may remain loaded following the operating system upgrade. Because the Intel® BM-IDE driver for Windows* 95 was not developed for use on Windows 98, the Intel driver should be replaced with the Microsoft BM-IDE driver under Windows* 98."

You can find the proper bus mastering drivers at this site if the above is the case.

Good luck!
sch1121Author Commented:
I don't know if what I did is considered upgrading. I formated my HD then I went directly to Win98 disk and installed it. During this process I was asked to insert Win95. I guess only to prove that I owned Win95 I qualify to Win98.

As far as DMA goes, I did try to check DMA and Reboot. It was not retained.
Adapted does not give me the option to copy a CD to HD. How do u do it?
How can I copy files from HD to a CD_RW when I can not format the CD-RW?
Gentlemen: Thank you very much for your Help.

When you're in the Deluxe CD Copier program, hit the Advanced tab and check the "copy source CD to the hard drive first" box. Also type in the number of copies you want to make.

Regarding your Windows installation, you have the full version of Win98, not an upgrade.


sch1121Author Commented:
RudolfFradk - jiler:
Gentlemen: Thank you. Your efforts paid off. I am now able to copy a CD-R data or audio via HD.
I still need help with the proceedure to format a CD-RW in order to be able to copy files and delete them as will. (just like you would a 1.44 floppy)
I tried by using Adaptec Direct CD wizard Ver. 2.5D and it runs (formatting) for about 45 Minutes and stops. A windows tells me that I'm able to copy files to it. When I tried using Windows Explorer I get "ACCESS DENIED"
I just don't get it. What could be the problem?  THANKS Bill
sch1121Author Commented:
The problem i had formatting a cd-wr disk is fixed. yeahh. I changed from infodisc to memorex disks and i was able to format everyone of them. Conclusion: i purchased a bad set of infodiscs cr-wr...
We are glad to help ! - But to be fair you might share the points between Jiler and I for these comments:
I : "When I copy music; I first copy the music to the harddisk, and then I burn a copy! - This approach never fail !"
Jiler : "When you're in the Deluxe CD Copier program, hit the Advanced tab and check the "copy source CD to the hard drive first" box. Also type in the number of copies you want to make. "
Which helped you copying the music-CDs!!


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