When X11 starts all I get is a grey screen

I am running X11R6 on Redhat 5.2. When starting X11 (either startx or via xdm), all I get is a grey screen.
It was working before the system got re-installed.
Gfx hardware is ELSA 2000AVI/3D. Screen is a multisync capable of 1280x1024 at 85Hz. XF86Setup configures fine.
Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong ?

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Did you set up the startup x manager?
Have you configured your file XF86Config ?
Try XConfigurator.
If you already done this, did you have any
Window Manager instaled (like WindowMaker
or AfterStep) ?
Change the wmanager set in .wm_stye at you
home dir.
If you've set up linux to automatically start xdm on boot, at the boot prompt type:
<your kernel label> 3
This will bring you up to a console login screen. Then check for the lock file /tmp/.X0_lock, if it exists, remove it.  then type:

init 4

if this gets you a very simple windowed environment, logout and try:

init 5

This should start your display manager.

Hope this helps.
Sounds like you might be missing some init files maybe.

check your home directory for stuff like


and also RedHat 5.2 uses fvwm by default. make sure you have a good copy of fvwm. Lastly try the following incantation

(sleep 30; fvwm -display=:0.0)& startx

then wait thirty seconds.  If the fvwm comes up ok, then
your startx script or one of the many files associated files is broken. start with startx; restore a backup copy or find a new copy. Good luck.

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