When X11 starts all I get is a grey screen

I am running X11R6 on Redhat 5.2. When starting X11 (either startx or via xdm), all I get is a grey screen.
It was working before the system got re-installed.
Gfx hardware is ELSA 2000AVI/3D. Screen is a multisync capable of 1280x1024 at 85Hz. XF86Setup configures fine.
Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong ?

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bing122899Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like you might be missing some init files maybe.

check your home directory for stuff like


and also RedHat 5.2 uses fvwm by default. make sure you have a good copy of fvwm. Lastly try the following incantation

(sleep 30; fvwm -display=:0.0)& startx

then wait thirty seconds.  If the fvwm comes up ok, then
your startx script or one of the many files associated files is broken. start with startx; restore a backup copy or find a new copy. Good luck.
Did you set up the startup x manager?
Have you configured your file XF86Config ?
Try XConfigurator.
If you already done this, did you have any
Window Manager instaled (like WindowMaker
or AfterStep) ?
Change the wmanager set in .wm_stye at you
home dir.
If you've set up linux to automatically start xdm on boot, at the boot prompt type:
<your kernel label> 3
This will bring you up to a console login screen. Then check for the lock file /tmp/.X0_lock, if it exists, remove it.  then type:

init 4

if this gets you a very simple windowed environment, logout and try:

init 5

This should start your display manager.

Hope this helps.
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