i have a hdd big...

i have a Hdd very Big 12.9 Gb (Samsung) then i need install to a pc Compaq 5100e or 5100 that have a hdd 600 Mb, but not recognize the bid Hdd.


How can i install these disk?

Exist any adress for give a disk Manager?

thanks for your help ok?
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The Bios is probaly old and will not recognize a drive that big. You will either have to update the bios if possible or try samsung website for disk manager software. There are also third party software product that you can purchase in computer store to accomplish the same.
I've seen BIOSes that were limited to a maximum hard-drive size of 2 GB (older NEC Pentium 60) or 4 GB (Dell Pentium 100) or 8 GB (almost any pre-1997 Pentium).

In some cases, the computer will "freeze" during the POST (Power On Self-Test), i.e., before any "disk manager" software can be started.

Check Compaq's web-site for specific details about the largest hard-drive that Compaq has tested for compatibility with your 5100e computer.
first you have to select in your bios the configuration for 130MB, is one of the list in your bios.

second: download the disk manager for samsung har disks in www.download.com and put it into a boot diskette, boot from this disk and run disk manager, DM.EXE and will create 6 partitions of 2.1 GB each.

this is the solution

Sorry for my poor english, but I´m from Mexico

Write me to: javantes@yahoo.com

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JAVANTES, your proposed-solution will not work,
unless the BIOS recognizes the "large" hard-drive.
JAMIGUEL, please "reject" the current proposed-answer, because it will not work for your Compaq computer.
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